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Yard Salers Back Issues

Issue 1.85 May 2016: Yard Salers Issue 85: Yard Sale Season Kicks Off, and Flips Contest an Easy Way to Make $50

Issue 1.84 November/December 2015: Letter from the World's Longest Yard Sale, Latest Flips Contest

Issue 1.83 July 2015: Lessons from the Season's First Yard Sales; Buying for Yourself; Latest Flips Contest

Issue 1.82 Feb. 2015: Finding that "Bread and Butter" Item; Latest Flips Contest.

Issue 1.81 Nov. 2014: Profitable Holiday Items; Estate Sales: Early Birds vs. Latecomers; Latest Flips & Flops, and Next Flips Contest

Issue 1.80 Aug. - Sept. 2014: Yard Sale Conversational Gems; Yard Sale Pet Peeves; Latest Flips & Flops, and Next Flips Contest; Reader Mail

Issue 1.79 Jul. 2014: French Yard Sales; A Look at Selling in the Past Year; What's Changed and What Never Will; Sale; Latest Flips & Flops, and Next Flips Contest; Reader Mail

Issue 1.78 Aug. 2013: A Hoarder's Sale; Clues that Help at an Estate Sale; Flips and Flops Contest

Issue 1.77 July, 2012: Amazonification of eBay continues; What's Selling Well on Amazon these days? Yard Sales Around the World and Prices; Latest Flips and Next Flips Contest

Issue 1.76 March, 2012: Be an Art Dealer, Fabulous Flips "Treasure Inside" Contest, Reader Mail

Issue 1.75 Nov./Dec., 2011: Becoming Expert in Your Niche, Holiday Push, Fabulous Flips Contest Finds

Issue 1.73 August, 2011: Selling History, Flips Contest First Cash Prizes

Issue 1.72 May, 2011: Spring Sales, Profiting from Sky-High Metals, Best Flips Contest Prizes Ever

Issue 1.71 Feb., 2011: New Year and a New Look; Winter Flips Contest

Issue 1.70 Nov./Dec., 2010: Amazon Vs. eBay: What's Selling Well for Me; Flips Contest: Cowboy Boots, Eskimos, Surprising Shells & More; Reader Mail: New Yard Sale Tool

Issue 1.69 Sept., 2010: Amazon's FBA Program; Flips Contest: Little Mouse Leads to Big Profit; and More.

Issue 1.68 Late May, 2010: Apps, eBay Changes, Flatware Tips & Flips; Flatware Niche Tip from a Reader: Midcentury Modern; Flips Contest: Quilting Books, Spice Jars and More.

Issue 1.67 Late Feb./Mar. 2010: Change and Snow: eBay's Latest Changes: Stores and More; Jan/Feb Flips Contest: Barbie Shoes, Roald Dahl and Mountain Man Books, Threads Magazines, Howard Miller clock, Microscope Parts, Leather Belt and Fishing Rods, Pen and Boy's Blazer, Rosenthal French bulldog puppy.

Issue 1.66 December 2009: Holiday Selling Season: Things to List this Holiday Season; November Flips Contest: a Dodge Christmas Card, a Schuco Teddy Bear, Tiki Stuff, Kerosene Heater, a Local History book that sold for over $400, a Snow White Head Vase, and More.

Issue 1.65 October 2009: Fall Fun and Flips: Top-Rated Seller Designation, Coach Products, and More.

Issue 1.64 August 2009: The World's Longest Yard Sale, More Great Flips, including Levi's Jeans, Breyer Horses, and Dolls, Dolls, Dolls.

Issue 1.63 Late June 2009: Using Twitter to Increase Your eBay Sales, New Flips, and More.

Issue 1.61 March Madness Flips Contest Winners, 2009. A Strange Doll, Broken Nintendo DS, Tobacco Cards, Vita Mix Mixer, and So Much More!

Issue 1.60 Late Feb./Early March, 2009. Adventures at the Local Auction House: The Northern Virginia Edition; A Foreclosure Estate Sale; Flips Contest for Feb.: Post Cards, Britains, a Wrench, Catalog, Language Software and More; Reader Mail: So Can You Really Accept Checks on eBay, or What?

Issue 1.59 Jan., 2009. Happy New Year, Sales, Best Tips and eBook of Flips. Plus, Bonanzle and other new sites to sell on; Reader Mail.

Issue 1.58 Nov. 25, 2008. The Basket People; Gifts that Keep on Giving; Flip of the Week Contest 11; Reader Mail, and more.

Issue 1.57 Oct 4, 2008. Social Networks; Seen and Heard at Estate Sales; Flip of the Week Contest 10: Jai Alai basket, Signed Vase, Skillet; Man Buys Rare Book at Library Clearance Sale; Reader Mail: Experiences with eBay's New Feedback System, an eBay Store Case Study, etc.

Issue 1.56 Aug 22, 2008. Making Memories Along The World's Longest Yard Sale; Flip of the Week Contest 9: Everlast Shorts, Florentine Items, Pucci, Burberry; Reader Mail: New sites, etc.

Issue 1.55 Aug 1, 2008. Swarovski Crystal -- What's It Worth?; Flip of the Week Contest: Prizes for All; Reader Mail

Issue 1.54 Jul 8, 2008. eBay Live 2008 Redux; Fabulous eBay Swag Awarded in Flip of the Week Contest.

Issue 1.53 Jun 3, 2008. Julia's Guide to eBay Live 2008.

Issue 1.52 May 7, 2008. Digging for Art; Hedging Your Bets on Amazon; A Book That Looks Like Nothing Revisited; Flip of the Week Contest Winner.

Issue 1.51 Apr. 24, 2008. Yard Sale Season; Re-Creating Jefferson's Library; First Dud of the Week Contest; 5 Flip of the Week Contest Results, and More.

Issue 1.50 Apr. 2, 2008. The Tape Issue; Flip of the Week 4 Results: A Rooster, Ivory Framed Portraits, Ekko stamps, and an Hermes Pen

Issue 1.49 Mar. 13, 2008. Advertures at the Auction House; When Estate Sales Go Bad; Flip of the Week Contest Week 3: Beatles Colorforms, a stereoview card, and When Dirty Plates Are Your Friend

Issue 1.48 Feb. 29, 2008. Art, Pricing, More Flips -- 30 Days to a Million?

Issue 1.47 Feb. 13, 2008. First Flip of the Week Contest entries; eBay Seller Boycott; Reader Mail.

Issue 1.46 Feb. 5, 2008. Meissen and More Reaction to eBay's Big Feedback Change.

Issue 1.45 Jan. 28, 2008. eBay's Big Feedback Change and Flip of the Week.

Issue 1.44 Jan. 22, 2008. Art, Belts as a Niche, and More.

Issue 1.43 Jan. 13, 2008. Time-Saving Strategies & New ebooks.

Issue 1.42 Jan. 5, 2008. "What Do You Want to See More of in Yard Salers" Contest Entries, Make Money w/ eBooks, & More.

Issue 1.41 Dec. 28, 2007. The Thing; More Media Mail; the Magna Carta.

Issue 1.40 Nov 30, 2007. Cyber Friday; Holiday promotion: Catalogs ebook for only $4.95; Reader Mail.

Issue 1.38 Nov 16, 2007. What Sells: Catalogs that Sell for Big Bucks; Reader Mail: Starting an Online Vintage Business.

Issue 1.37 Nov 4, 2007. Make Money Selling Hot Holiday Toys; Catalogs that Sell for Big Bucks; Reader Mail: Recommending a Learning Program for a Beginner.

Issue 1.36 October 27, 2007. When Sales Get Personal: The Power of Wikipedia; The Lost Rinker Files Part II: Collectibles on eBay; Goo Gone, Baby, Gone; Reader Mail: "What Sells" to be in Print?

Issue 1.35 October 19, 2007. More on Dickering Down - Readers Share Stories and Strategies; The Lost Rinker Files; Collectibles on eBay; How to Tell the Value of a Coin (or Just About Anything).

Issue 1.34 October 12, 2007. Dickering Down; More on Realtor Deals and Getting Estate Stuff for Free; Try Auction TNT to Explode Your Success; Reader Mail: Curbside Values or Common Thievery?

Issue 1.33 September 2007. Real Estate Agents Are Your Friends, Making Money with Paper, and 2007 Update of What Sells on eBay for What is Hot Off the Press and 1/2 Price for Subscribers.

Issue 1.32 August 2007. World's Longest Sale Yard Sale, Make Money Cutting Up Old Magazines, & More.

Issue 1.31 July 2007. Recent Sales, World's Longest Sale Yard Sale, & More.

Issue 1.30 June 2007. eBay Live 2007 Wrap-Up, a Yard Saler's $775 Find, a 4-Hour Workweek?

Issue 1.29 May 2007. eBay Live 2007 and New Orleans Cookbooks. Suze Orman, Seth Godin, Kool and the Gang? Who will be at eBay Live this year and how will Julia bring it to you?

Issue 1.28 Apr 2007. West Point Wonders: Militaria and How You Can Benefit, Cookbooks, and More.

Issue 1.27 Mar 2007. Making More with Less, The High-Tech Garage Saler, The Secret, and Fabulous 50s Finds.

Issue 1.26 Feb 2007. New Yard Salers site Up and Running! Plus, eBay Live 2007, What Sells: Trifari.

Issue 1.25 Jan 2007. The Velvet Underground, The Wild West and 2007 Outlook.

Issue 1.24 Nov 2006. Selling Pottery and Dishes, Craigslist, Dr. Seuss and More.

Issue 1.23 Aug 2006. A $924 Value for $11.95, and Summer Roundup.

Issue 1.22 July 2006. eBay Live Brain Dump.

Issue 1.21 May 2006. The Changing Landscape of Acquiring eBay Inventory.

Issue 1.20 June 2005. Great Auctions and eBay Live.

Issue 1.19 May 2005. Curbside Bonanzas!

Issue 1.18 March 2005. What Sells on eBay for What Updated.

Issue 1.17 Jan 2005. Keeping an Eye on Fakes.

Issue 1.16 Sept 2004. YAB's "Best Item You've Sold at Auction" CONTEST Winners!

Issue 1.15 June 2004. In Search of High Profit Margins.

Issue 1.14 April 2004. Amazon. Vs. eBay? The Rise of Prefilled Item Info; eBay "Inches Deep and Miles Wide"?; Thinking Outside Your Selling Box; What Sells for What? Levi's Jeans and Board Games.

Issue 1.13 Feb 2004. YAB's Exciting New Design! A Real Reality Show: "Starting Over" and Teresa's Auction; eBay in Pop Culture: Sightings and Celebs; What Sells for What? Disneyana; Reader Mail.

Issue 1.12 Nov 2003. The Five Types of Yard Sales; Vern Yip's Big Tips: "Trading Spaces" Chic Savings; Emo Redux; Reader Mail.

Issue 1.11 Sep. 2003: More on the World's Longest Yard Sale; Feast and Famine: Wins and Losses of the month; Emo: Three Letters that Could Mean Big Money to You ; Halloween Opportunities; YOUR FEEDBACK WANTED.

Issue 1.10 Aug 2003. Closing in on Summer Closeouts; The World's Longest Yard Sale by Kimberly Stasa; The Mother Load and other Gems/Completing Your Sets; Yardsaling and the Great Outdoors; A Million Dollar Nickel; YOUR FEEDBACK WANTED.

Issue 1.9 June 2003. Seen, Heard, and Eaten: Notes from eBay Live!

Issue 1.8 June 2003. Secrets of the Fakes: How to Tell an Authentic Bag; A Great, Reliable Wholesale Source; Julia to Attend eBay Live; Reader Mail; YOUR FEEDBACK WANTED.

Issue 1.7 April 2003. Flea Marketing with the Kovels; Julia Changes her Auction Tactics ; "Take the Box!" -- Offline Auctions; Getting Into Estate Sales Early: Ebook Review; Funny eBay Auctions: Reader Mail; YOUR FEEDBACK WANTED.

Issue 1.6 March 2003. Imagine If You Put All Your Stuff Outside Your House and Took a Picture; Some of the Top-Grossing Auctions of All Time; Mental Tricks for Moving (and Selling) Your Clutter; Books, Continued: How My Friend Made $400 in 2 weeks with Amazon ; Tell Me About Coca-Cola! Guest Article by Bob Wilkinson; Reader Mail; Auction Hot List -- great info about what's selling; YOUR FEEDBACK WANTED: An Update to "What Sells on eBay": Electronics!; Quick Recommended Reading: "All My Life for Sale."

Issue 1.5 Feb 2003. We Do Love Our Luxuries: Harnessing the Middle Class Upscale Itch to Maximize Your Own Profits; Mapping It: Who Is Buying Maps, and Why?; Mental Tricks for Moving (and Selling) Your Clutter; More on the Book Biz: Amazon Reselling: Can it Be Any Easier?; The Strange Tale of the Boomerang Evan-Picone Shoes; Reader Mail; Coming: Secrets of the (High-Margin!) Powersellers; The Real Deal on Wholesalers, and What Else Do You Want to See?; Quick Recommended Reading.

Issue 1.4 January 2003. Postal Adventures from the Edge; Big in Japan? Selling Overseas; Getting Collectibles to Come to You: Correction; Why One Man Says Half.com is Better than EBay for Book Sales; A Look at Some More 'Hot' Items; Reader Mail; Coming: Secrets of the (High-Margin!) Powersellers; The Real Deal on Wholesalers, and What Else Do You Want to See?; Quick Recommended Reading/Will We See eBay TV?

Issue 1.3 November 2002. Powersellers and Profits: Does Big Money mean No Time?; Flipping the Model: Getting Items Come to You, Instead of the Other Way Around; It's Selling for *How Much*? Curious Big Ticket Items on eBay; More Thoughts on Brands; The Little Matchstick Whirl: What's Hot, and How the Heck do You Find Out?; Reader Mail; Next eBook: Wholesalers? What Do You Want to See?

Issue 1.1 October 2002. Julia's Favorite and Sneakiest Tips; What Some eBayers Wouldn't Pass Up; To Snipe or Not to Snipe?; Reader Mail Section


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