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ISSUE 24: August 2006

Yard Salers: Issue 23! A $924 Value for $11.95, and Summer Roundup

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Hello, all!

I first heard of Lynn Dralle, the "Queen of Auctions," when I came across her fun and informative book, "The 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay: My Story--by The Queen of Auctions." I enjoyed the book and reading about Lynn's finds, and how she learned about antiques by studying at the feet of her beloved grandma, who owned an antique store.

Then, this year at eBay Live in Las Vegas, I got to meet Lynn. That was great fun! I was impressed not only by her eBay savvy but also that she had self-published and distributed her books. She's a single mom and makes a great living for herself and her two kids with her eBay business.

Her new book, "More 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay -- Money Making Madness," continues the tales of her successful "flips" on eBay. Each 2-page spread is devoted to an item, with a photo on the left. You can learn things such as how Lynn made $597.51 on an antique Arabia (from a town called Arabia in Finland, actually, not the Middle East) coffee pot and creamer -- for which she paid only $8.75 at a thrift store!

And that's just one example. Her book is as entertaining as it is informative. But I'll let her tell you about the offer, below. (If you want to cut right to the package, click here):

The Queen of Auctions $924 Value Package

Just so you realize I wouldn't push anything on you that I wouldn't buy myself, you should know I will indeed be buying this package, and consider it a great bargain. And yes, as part of the package you will get the complete chapter one of my "eBay Price Guide," "Antiques."

I'll also be introducing our End-of-Summer contest, "The Ugliest Item I've Sold on eBay." (I have to admit that this contest was inspired by my fellow eBay author, Michael Banks, who blogged about an ugly silent butler -- as in the little box used to catch crumbs as you brush them from the dinner table, not a homely British manservant -- that he sold on eBay).

And that's it for today. All your letters are forthcoming in the next issue, so don't worry, you Reader Mail fans!

Now let's get to it!


This is a Short Issue:
1) A $924 value for only $11.95! Queen of Auctions Lynn Dralle and 17 other eBay Gurus Share Their Secrets
2) Ugliest Item I've Sold on eBay Contest

1) A $924 value for only $11.95! Queen of Auctions Lynn Dralle and 17 other eBay Gurus Share their Secrets.

The Queen of Auctions $924 Value Package

Want information with a combined value of $924 from top eBay and marketing experts for less than the cost of a haircut?

Check out "Queen of Auctions" Lynn Dralle's latest offer!

Here are the details:

17 Top eBay Gurus come together

Exciting news!! The latest book from Lynn Dralle, the Queen of Auctions, is hot off the presses! A follow-up to her enormously popular "The 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay," this is a must have for anyone interested in selling and making money on eBay. Currently featured on page 63 in this month's issue of "Good Housekeeping," Lynn has developed a system that has proven the test of time. An eBay Power Seller for the last 8 years, Lynn is dedicated to helping others realize the dream of making money on their own terms.

Sound good? Well it gets even better...

For the next 48 hours ONLY, purchase Lynn's new book and you will also receive more than $924 in downloadable resources from 17 of the most successful, well-respected entrepreneurs in the eBay community. All free of charge - no gimmicks, no catches and no hidden fees.

Click here to purchase right now:

The Queen of Auctions $924 Value Package

When you purchase Lynn's book in the next 48 hours you will receive free access to some of the best learning tools and resources the eBay community has to offer. So, in addition to Lynn, you will have access to secrets used by industry experts including Jim Cockrum, Tim Knox, Mike Enos, Julia Wilkinson, Skip McGrath, Lisa Suttora, Dave Lovelace, Joel Elad, Janelle Elms, Cat Seda, Brad & Debra Schepp, Terry Gibbs, Jason James and others.

This is a combined value of more than $924.00!! Click here to learn more about the bonuses:

The Queen of Auctions $924 Value Package

Think about that, for less than the cost of a cheap haircut, you have the opportunity to learn from 17 of the most successful entrepreneurs in eBay history. These people are truly living the dream - making a lot of money doing what they love and doing so on their own terms. Imagine the freedom when you are your own boss. You get to decide when you will or will not work.

You can take as much vacation time, or days off as you wish. And, the best part is, you can do all of this and be extremely well-paid.

Take the opportunity now to start living the dream. Lynn did it, so can you. Success is simply a click away.

Click here to check it out:

The Queen of Auctions $924 Value Package

(Click now...it really won't be here in two more days!!)

2) Summer Tips Roundup and Announcing the "Ugly Item Auction Contest"!

Fellow eBay author Michael A. Banks ("The eBay Survival Guide") had an odd-looking silent butler for sale on eBay, and instead of trying to pretty it up in the auction description, he went in the opposite direction, giving it a title of "The Ugliest Slient Butler Ever Made!"

The scheme worked. "It got scores of looks, and sold for over $25," he says in his blog. Not bad for something he picked up for 25 cents. The moral of the story: "If you can't say anything nice about an item, say something unusual."

So in the spirit of that telling-it-like-it-is, I bring you "The Ugliest Item I've Sold on eBay" contest. Just send me a short (2-3 sentence, or 1-paragraph or so -- though longer is OK) description of your not-so-good-looking item, and you could win $100 plus two free signed copies of both my recent books, the eBay Price Guide and the 3rd edition of eBay Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks.

Photos of the homely items are encouraged, but not necessary to win.

"Almost winners" will win a free package of all of my ebooks, including the ever-elusive "How to Spot Fakes."

Just email me at juliawilk@aol.com.

Quick Summer Tips:

An article in some newspaper (could have been USA Today, may have been Wall Street Journal; I get too many newspapers) tells us among the hot up and coming antiques are:

- old weather vanes.

This set me to eyeballing the tops of barns as I took a drive on the country roads of VA during a recent trip to the western part of the state. (What was I going to do..steal someone's weathervane off their barn?) No, better yet, you may find one in country yard sales, old antique shops, or maybe even on a forgotten, abondoned building..though I'm not sure how the law works on those abandoned buildings. Avoid anything with a "No Trespassing" sign, though. ;)

- wooden duck decoys

I believe this tip came from Forbes magazine..they have a regular great section on collecting. Some guy came across a treasure trove of old, carved wooden decoys down a country lane...I guess whoever was selling them didn't know what they had.

In general, anything hand-carved has the potential to be valuable, especially if the item is by a well-known carver. If a thing is 1-2 bucks, and you're not sure, I'd take a chance on it, especially if it's signed.

Now is the time to start looking for and stockpiling:

- Halloween costumes.

I got a kids' black medieval jousting costime for $2 at a yard sale last weekend. I have sold costumes for varying amounnts, but often they fetch over $30. More elaborate costumes can of course do very well.

I have considered putting together a series of "pimp" costumes by buying up some of the ugly pleather/leather jackets, hats, white men's shoes, and garish gold chains at my local thrift store, but that strategy may be a gamble, especially as my local thrift of late seems to be under the delusion their junk ranks up there with brand-new stuff at the GAP in terms of pricing.

That's it for this issue. If you've hit your share of boring, hot, non-lucrative sales, take heart: the weather will soon be cooling down, and before you know it everyone will be in the frenzy of back-to-school-Halloween-Thanksgiving-Holiday shopping.

That's it for today! Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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New! A Market Report for Booksellers

What could be more important for booksellers than to know when to buy a book and when not to? Not anything I can think of. If you have a substantial amount of this kind of information in mind when you go to sales or can access it quickly (via a notebook or some sort of handheld device), great. There'll be no stopping you.

But there's information, and there's information. Some of it's necessarily more (or less) useful depending on how likely it is that you'll have the chance to put it in play. What good does it do you to know the title of an uncommon book that can be resold for $50? If it's uncommon, the chances of using this information are relatively slight, and whatever you invest in acquiring it may not be time or money well spent. Far better to invest in information that will have wider applicability. Far better to have knowledge of books that will sell for $50 and more and can actually be found at sales or other venues with some regularity for prices that will give you plenty of room to profit handsomely.

This is where BookThink's 50/50 comes in. 50/50 is a detailed market report that lists and annotate 50 books that typically sell for more than $50 online and - here's the best part - surface at sales and other venues with some regularity. This is information you can use and profit from often. Uncommon books will not be included.

Here's a sample of what you're likely to see in 50/50:



2-volumes. Unabridged. Originally issued in dark blue cloth with a 3-compartment box, the upper compartment housing a boxed magnifying glass that operated like a drawer. The magnifying glass was essential for reading microprint, a necessary evil in condensing what was originally a 10-volume set into 2. Beginning in the early 1970's, Book-of-the-Month-Club offered these dictionaries at deep discounts for new members. Many sold, and many are still out there. Values are understandably lower if the box and/or magnifying glass is missing, but final values at or near $100 are commonplace.


So, if you could use 50 of these every other month, then BookThink's 50/50 will bring them to you. As with BookThink's Gold Edition, BookThink's 50/50 is available for purchase either by annual subscription at $20 or individually at $10.

Click here to subscribe instantly:



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