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Yard Salers Issue 85: Yard Salers Issue 85; Spring 2016; Yard Sale Season Kicks Off, and Flips Contest an Easy Way to Make $50

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Hello, all!

The birds are chirping, azaleas are blooming and you know what that means -- at least in the Eastern and central U.S., yard sale season is here!

Yes, we know those of you in the warmer climates can yard-sale all year long; please don't rub it in. ;)

How did my season start off? Well, it's been so busy here with my kids' sports, and coming and goings, I only managed to get out a couple weekends so far. But that will change soon.

That first weekend I found some pretty quirky items, including a "Yoda" backpack. He's not selling for much on eBay (some folks have him at $9.95), but you can get more for him on Amazon. So, that little guy will be making a trip to an Amazon fulfillment center soon.

The guy who sold him to me said he "paid $80 on Amazon" for him, which I tend to doubt, as prices for this particular Yoda are not nearly that high. Still, I think I can quadruple my investment on him.

Another weird thing that happened that day out...have you ever driven by a yard sale and realized it's the same one you just saw a while back? That happened to me with the "Yoda" sale, because the sellers had posted multiple and different-looking signs a long way down a major road that has other roads off to subdivisions.

In that vein (and even though it's now February), I once again resolve to get this newsletter out more often in 2015.

A Yard Sale Grows In Brooklyn

Do we have any Brooklyn or other parts of NYC peeps in the house? I just experienced a Brooklyn "yard sale" last weekend, while we were moving my daughter out of her apartment in Queens. It was a strange kind of sale, because there was all this stuff in front of the brownstone on the sidewalk, and no one was there to watch over it or take the money. My sister and I were walking down the sidewalk on the other side of the street. As we saw it, we asked a couple guys hanging out near a tree, "Is that a yard sale over there?"

One guy answered in a classic Brooklyn accent, "I've been livin' here for 10 years, and even I don't know what that is." We all laughed.

Brooklyn people, is that normal? Email me at juliawilk@aol.com, and share your Brooklyn (or Bronx, or wherever) experiences (they don't do yard sales in Manhattan, do they?).

A yard sale in Brooklyn, or whatever it was. (Looking at this pic now, I see there are two people in the left of the frame, but I believe they were not the owners of the stuff). Since that Brooklyn trip, it's pretty much been rainy and overcast here in the D.C. area. Like, rainy and overcast for 17 days in a row! In fact, they tell us it's the new record; the old one having been 10 straight days. Apparently they've been keeping records on this stuff since the Civil War Days. Why do I keep harping on about the weather? Well... you'll see in the first article in this issue.

Above: The Brooklyn yard sale, they were just walking by, as no one was standing there permanently).


Flips Contest Is Back

OK, those of you who are devoted readers and read my last issue, you know I did not get a Christmas issue out (we really did have a family illness). But fear not, it is back with this issue. And now I can say that the Flips contest may be the contest with the best odds of winning in the whole U.S., because lately we've had so few entries. But this is laregly my fault for not getting out the newsletters often enough.

I received some great flip stories from a longtime reader; I think you will really enjoy them. Some of them are about one of those niches that some of us may totally overlook. I learn a lot from you readers!

But, there is still plenty of room for more Flips (and Flops) entries. So share that story with me by emailing me, once again, at juliawilk@aol.com. I am aiming to get the issue after this one out by the end of June.

Some housekeeping notes:

Do You Have a Large Annual or Biannual Yard Sale Near You?

Do you have a large, annual or bi-annual yard sale near you? As you probably know, our excellent forum moderator Jeff is keeping a list. I also am putting a note about it in my next newsletter, and on the yardsalers.net web site. If you have something you'd like to add to the directory, please post it in the YardSalers Facebook group, or email it to me at juliawilk@aol.com.

Another thing I want to accomplish in this newsletter is getting you all a new ebook that you will find most helpful. So help me choose my next topic. If you have one, email me at juliawilk@aol.com.

NEW eBOOK! "A Book that Looks Like Nothing" -- Pages and pages of a list of books that look nondescript, but will sell for big scrip, as in money. It is collated from a longtime discussion board.

I've been wanting to put this ebook out there for a long time, but I didn't think it was ready until enough research is done. Here's the scoop from the sales page; if you want to but it, just go to that page at the link below.

Julia's NEW ebook: "A Book that Looks Like Nothing."

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Books. They're everywhere at the yard and estate sales you go to (and of course library sales). But did you know you could be passing up real money when you skip over that bland, slightly worn, dust jacket-less tome? But no more...many of these hidden gems are listed here, as shared by booksellers both expert and amateur.

You'll find out:

- Which stock market classic can net you over $1000 if you find an early edition. And it looks as bland as they come.
- What common, classic book I've found several times often goes overlooked, and why this can mean money in the bank for you.
- Publishing company names to look out for.
- The rule of thumb to find valuable books.

...and much more!

This special report is only $9.95. Finding even one of the books listed in this report will more than pay for it. Just click the link below, and you'll be directed to a download file, so you can start your record buying and selling fun tomorrow. http://www.yardsalers.net/book_like_nothing_sales.asp

What Do You Want to Learn About? Help Me Pick My Next Ebook Topic

Which topic do you prefer? Or would you like to see an ebook about something else? Email me at juliawilk@aol.com.

Bulletin Boards Are Coming! Yes, I'm still in the process of adding bulletin boards to the Yardsalers.net web site. But we are oh so close. We are just deciding between which type of bulletin board program to use. I will send out a short announcement when they're up.

For those of you who use Facebook, there are two Facebook Yard Salers groups -- one is open, but for those of you who don't know about it, there is also a closed/"Secret" group, because the regulars did not necessarily want their best tips going to the whole Facebook world. Here's a direct link to it if you want to join it (I'll need to approve you, but I try to do that asap): https://www.facebook.com/groups/219812014811564/

And while 99% of our Facebookers are wonderful, "good eggs" who would not post an ad where it was not appropriate, we do get some spam regularly. Please, only post promotional notices in the posts that are designated for them.

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This one is truly easy, and not to mention you can really hae fun with it...I can't wait to try it out myself once I get a few more Amazon boxes out there door.
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(If that link does not work, cut and paste this link into your browser: http://nanacast.com/vp/112924/596871/)
Yard Salers uses the automated email system, AWeber. If you received a link to this issue in email, you should have requested this newsletter, and should not be receiving it unless you opted in. If you have any problems or questions about links in the newsletter, or other issues, feel free to email me at juliawilk@aol.com.

Now, let's get to the rest of the issue!

In this Issue:
1) Rainy Days and Mondays Can Make for Great Yard Sales
2) Flips Contest - These Sheets Will Blow Your Mind
4) Reader Mail

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1) Rainy Days and Mondays Can Make for Great Yard Sales

Rainy Days and Mondays Can Make for Great Yard Sales

OK, so there aren't many on Mondays, and usually if it's super rainy people won't have one outside. But...a little bit of drizzle? Some overcast skies? Those can be your best yard sale days, because....why? Right...because you won't have much competition for buying!

This happened to me last weekend. Hardly anyone was out, and there weren't even any yard sales listed in my area. I decided to take a drive down the main suburban road in our neck of the woods, and see if I saw an signs for spontaneous or unadvertised sales.

Sure enough, I saw a couple signs. The first sale had three ladies presiding over it, and as I eyeballed it from my car, it looked like they had a lot of nice stuff, particularly jewelry.

Well, I was right. There was a ton of jewelry including many pins/brooches, rings, and necklaces. I bought up a ton of stuff, as most of it was $1 each, including the silver stuff. Since then, I've been listing jewelry just about every day on eBay. If you need a nice figural pin, particularly a summery one, such as a starfish or dolphin, check mine out on the 'Bay.

And there's another factor besides questionable weather that can make for great buying, and I've seen a lot of this in the past few weeks....unadvertised yard sales! Check Craigslist for your area for the advertised sales. Then, just go driving in your town and look for those homemade signs. If you see any that were not listed on Craigslist, make a beeline to them!

I did this recently and found a whole community sale that was not advertised! And, later I found a sale where I could buy brand-new clothing for $1 each, and a gorgeous art glass necklace and matching bracelet. (But I'm keeping the wooden salad bowl for my family).

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Private Label products are the buzz of the selling community. Find out why by clicking here: PrivateLabelSellerCoaching.
How would you like to own your very own business selling your own branded products, with automatic sales systems in place that pay you money every month for years or even decades to come?
Why Private Label? By choosing to create and sell your own brand physical products (that consumers trust, easily connect with and buy in droves every day), you’ll leave other short-sighted sellers behind, as they focus on the single strategy of trying to constantly find the lowest price on all of the popular "me too" products.

2) Flips Contest: We Love Hoarders, and the Best Odds of Winning 50 Bucks?

I know, I know; you all have been deeply missing the regular Flips Contest, and we did not have one in the last issue.

But here we have some great stuff for you! The thing is, it's all from the same person. That's what led me to think, this contest must have the best odds of winning $50 as any contest out there! So please dig out those stories of what you bought low and sold high online! Or, send me your poor, huddles flops, yearning to be shared so we can all learn from each others' mistakes. Just email me at juliawilk@aol.com.

So let's hear from Peg:

I Love, You Love, We All Love Hoarder Sales

Subject: I love hoarder sales!

Hi Julia:

While there are lots of nice, clean estate sales, my favorite are the hoarder sales. Because there is so much stuff, the host usually picks out the most obvious items and prices them and the rest he has us make a pile and make a deal.

Recently, I bought a pink chenille bedspread, 2 Mickey Mouse sheets, 150+ handkerchiefs and 2 vintage with tags tablecloths for $28.

I washed the bedspread and brought it back to life. Sold for $49.99. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Pink-White-Chenille-Rings-Full-Queen-Size-Fringed-Bedspread-99-x102-/222005343503?hash=item33b08cb50f:g:REsAAOSwSdZWcwne

The handkerchiefs I auctioned off and sold for $44.47. If I would have waited until after Christmas, so they would have sold for more. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&_nkw=vintage+handkerchiefs&_sop=7

The table cloths sold for $29 and $39.(first 2 listings) http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&_nkw=vintage+tablecloth&_sop=7

I counted on the sheets selling for $10 each. One sold the second week for $9.99. The other, however, was rare and brought $81.88!



Total for my $28 investment, $254.33!

Tip of the day? Just because the sale says hoarder, dirty, bad neighborhood doesn't mean it doesn't have valuable items!


Peggy McGhehey

Thanks, Peggy! I love it! I have found great stuff both at hoarder sales in not-so-nice neighborhoods.


Here is Peggy's earlier email to me, before Christmas. So, since I did not get the Christmas issue out, Peggy gets this contest all to herself...and wins the $50!


Hi Julia:

Hope all is going well in your new venture.

Unfortunately,no I don't have a screen shot. Those were from an entire year ago.

Latest find-Church Rummage Sales! Bought a vintage sewing machine from a woman at a garage sale and she said the place to go was church rummage sales. They always have random items and they price them to sell.

Bought 9 vintage sewing patterns for $1 each and they sold for $225! Listed separately at auction, starting at 0.99. One sold for $122.51 and one sold for $79. One didn't sell at all and the rest sold for under $10 each, but paying $9 and making $216 profit, I'll take it every day!



Personally,I think the second one is ugly, but who am I to decide?

Garage sale finds-Chantal cookware.

I subscribe to gsalr.com and they send daily email digests of upcoming sales. Got the ad, looked up the values on ebay and off I went. Paid $27 for 7 pans, 5 with lids.

Listed them on Sunday night before Memorial day. The first one sold at 9:05 am. The second at 11:00 am. Then I get an email wanting to know if Id give a discount for the other 5 pieces. I give her a price of 15% off and before she can get back to me, 2 other pieces sold. I still have 1 piece left but the first 6 sold for $240. (mine are the first 6 listings)


Murano vases- paid $4.50 for all 3, sold for $127.50. (first listing)


What I learned from your newsletter? Vintage lingerie! I've been buying slips and nighties. None have sold for a ton yet, most sell for $8-12 but I only pay 50 cents or a dollar each for them. I did buy 3 at an estate sale I haven't listed yet. They were located in the bedroom in one of those plastic zippered bags you'd store a blanket in and he was asking $1 each for them. I attached the photo of the prettiest. It isn't a highly desired brand, but I think it's gorgeous.

Thanks so much!


Aaaand the winner of the Flips Contest for the Spring kickoff issue is....Peg, and Peg! Congrats, Peg! See, if you too had entered the contest, you would have had a 50% chance of winning!

Peg, please email me at juliawilk@aol.com with your preferred PayPal ID, and I will get you all paid up. :)

Great tips useful (and free) to all sellers: https://www.facebook.com/ilovetobeselling

3) Reader Mail

A regular reader (and friend) recently pinged me about a bunch of appliances he got via an inside angle on an estate sale. Sounds great, right? But when do you hit the "point of no return" for when shipping costs as much or more than the appliance itself?

And how do you compete with "free shipping" offers on Amazon if you don't have a pro account (that allows you to send the items to Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon warehouses, and qualify for deep discount shipping)?

To with, he first wrote me with:

"Dear Julia,

Have the inside scoop on a pre-estate sale. Already bought $1000 worth of new appliances for $375. They think they have more and seem like they would prefer private sale over estate sale.

- Thom"

He wanted to know if I wanted in. I did, but I was out of town for a while.

But later, he reported some snags:

"Re - sale: having trouble selling the stuff. Didn't factor in shipping and no bites for local pick up."

We discussed Amazon vs. eBay...the high shipping was a factor on eBay, and craigslist didn't have a shipping issue, of course; but he was not getting any interest on there. On Amazon, I asked why he didn't just send them in via FBA, Fulfillment by Amazon, but he said he no longer had a pro account, needed for the FBA sales.

Also, Re: Amazon, he asked, when I suggested it as one of two features for the newsletter:

"The second one is of more interest to me: is there any way to compete with free shipping besides dropping my price?"

We both realized there wasn't, until he suggested that one could wait until the free shipping one (or ones) sold out, and then list his appliance.

This is true. The only solutions I see are Amazon FBA and Craigslist. And, his suggestion of waiting for Amazon FBA items to possible sell out.

But, if you are going to acquire items at that volume, it's best to have an Amazon pro account. If, however, you're not going to be able to handle a certain amount of volume on Amazon each month, a pro/FBA account isn't worth the $39.95 monthly fee.

Anyone else have deep thoughts on this? It just occurred to me that since I have a pro account, I could list them for him However, this would require 1) getting physical possession of the items and storing them long enough to get them all shipped to FBA; and 2) paying him his cut, presumably half.

***** End of Reader Mail ******

OK all...see you in the next issue. Don't forget to send in those flips!

FREE REPORT: Top Mistakes eBay Sellers Make and How to Avoid Them!

Any questions, comments, compliments, rants or raves, send to juliawilk@aol.com. On second thought, send the rants to my gmail account, juliawgal@gmail.com...I don't check it as often. ;)

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OK, everyone, that's it for this issue. See you all next issue, and remember to email those flips and flops to me at juliawilk@aol.com!

Enjoy the rest of the summer yard sale season, and remember things will be cooling down soon! (Oh, the humanity! But then we still have estate and library sales, not to mention thrift shops).
Any questions, comments, compliments, rants or raves, send to juliawilk@aol.com. On second thought, send the rants to my gmail account, juliawgal@gmail.com...I don't check it as often. ;)



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