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A Book that Looks Like Nothing...but Sells for Big Bucks!

Julia's NEW ebook: "A Book that Looks Like Nothing."

Only $9.95!

Book seller experts share their secrets, and they are listed in alphabetical order, with some illustrations and notes, here!

Books. They're everywhere at the yard and estate sales you go to (and of course library sales). But did you know you could be passing up real money when you skip over that bland, slightly worn, dust jacket-less tome? But no more...many of these hidden gems are listed here, as shared by booksellers both expert and amateur.

You'll find out:

- Which stock market classic can net you over $1000 if you find an early edition. And it looks as bland as they come.
- What common, classic book I've found several times often goes overlooked, and why this can mean money in the bank for you.
- Publishing company names to look out for.
- The rule of thumb to find valuable books.

...and much more!

This special report is only $9.95. Finding even one of the books listed in this report will more than pay for it. Just click the link below, and you'll be directed to a download file, so you can start your record buying and selling fun tomorrow.

Thanks, and start making lots of money on books!

Only $9.95 -- Click here to buy it now!

Flip It Again: Version 2.0! 20 Common Items You Can Sell (and Resell Again and Again) for $50 & Up

Version 2.0 of this, one of my bestselling ebooks, is finally out, with ten more items - and types of items - that you can resell for $50 and up!

But for those of you who aren't familiar with the first version of the book, here's what it's about:

Sure, you're out there at the sales, looking for those special one-off items that the other sellers haven't seen yet. But wouldn't it be nice to find a steady stream of items that sell for decent profits -- as in $50 and up -- on a regular basis, and not have to be in line at 4 a.m. the morning a sale starts to get to them?

After 14 years of selling online, I've developed a roster of all-star, "under-the-radar" items that are often passed over by other sellers. Some of them are unassuming looking, others are more in-your-face, but they are my favorite things to find and sell again and again and again.

I've thought off and on over the years of compiling them into one ebook, but was hesitant to divulge all these gems in one place. But then I realized there are plenty of sales to go around and I want to share these tips with my loyal readers, and attract even more readers.

So now, you can find out about these items in the new ebook, "Flip It Again, Version 2.0: 20 Common Items You Can Sell (and Resell Again and Again) for $50 & Up."

Only $24.98! Click here to order and download it instantly, or here for more info.

Subscribers to the Yard Salers newsletter get all my ebooks at half price! To find out how to get the book for half price, click here.

Chanel on eBay Price Guide

Want to make money selling Chanel handbags and other products? And how about saving money on buying them for yourself or as gifts? Don't shop those store sales, estate sales and other sources until you read this 200-plus page guide! Jammed with images, completed sales data, and even tips on where to buy, the Chanel on eBay Price Guide is your indispensable road map to getting authentic Chanel for bargain prices.

Only $9.95! Click here to order and download it instantly, or here for more info.

Secret Product Sources - Price Reduced to $8.95 from $39.99!

Get Smart DVD Set: Purchased for $159.99 and sold for $288.88. Sony Cyber-shot Camera: Purchased for $156.99, sold for $297.00.

Over 20 different online (and a few offline) sources where you can find hot items to buy and resell on eBay for big profits.

What Sells on eBay for What

This ebook, "What Sells on eBay for What," is one of my best sellers (and most likely biggest, at over 300 pages)! Many, many hours of research have gone into bringing you the latest version. You could spend your own precious time digging up this info about what products sell for the most money, what sells for average money, and what items are most watched, but why should you?

And at the price of about one hour of your valuable time, or less -- $24.98, you can have all this info in one handy guide, to view onscreen or print out in sections as you need.

Click here to order and download it instantly, or here for more info.

You get high and median prices for key subcategories and Top Searches and Most Watched Items for Jewelry, Pottery & Glass, Real Estate, Tickets, and EVERY other eBay category.

Make Big Bucks off Catalogs on eBay

Four hundred dollars for a catalog someone got for free? How about double-digit profits on common, everyday catalogs that you get in your mailbox every week? And what catalogs sell for healthy amounts on eBay, but most people don't know how to get their hands on them, because it's not advertised?

Now all these catalogs secrets, plus pages and pages of price data, are available in this new 2007 special report, "Make Big Bucks off Catalogs on eBay."

In this 71-page report, complete with color pictures, available in Word or Adobe Acrobat format, you will find out:

- This catalog regularly sells for $500 and up on eBay, and copies are not coming up for auction that often. But you could have bought it for $50 when it was published. What is it, and how can you find similar types of catalogs in the future?

- These catalogs are no longer being published, and now they go for decent sums..including two that recently sold in a lot for $57. What makes them so controversial?

- You can find one of these catalogs just about every three days in my mailbox. The holiday editions sometimes sell for double digits, and people often collect them based on the models inside. What are they, and do you know which ones are worth saving?

- Where to find both vintage and modern catalogs, including places you most likely would not have thought of visiting to get ahold of these collectible bits of paper.

- Prices and titles for catalogs in every major subcategory of the Books > Catalogs area on eBay.

This report comes to you from the author of the award-winning eBay Price Guide (named Best of Reference 2007 by the New York Public Library) and publisher of the Yard Salers newsletter. I am so confident you will find this report worth many times more than its purchase price, that I offer a money-back guarantee.

At the very reasonable price of $12.49, this ebook is very inexpensive when you consider the return on investment. The report is delivered instantly in Word or pdf format, your preference.

Thanks and start making lots of money on catalogs!

Only $12.49 -- Click here to buy it now!

Making Money (and Getting a Life?) via Craigslist

Only $8.95. Click here to purchase: Buy it!.

"Making Money (and Getting a Life?) via Craigslist" is a 32-page ebook in MS Word format (also available in Adobe Acrobat and html) packed with information and tips about what you can find, buy and sell on Craigslist, and for how much.

This new ebook rounds up some of the best stories of how people are using the site to make money, and even get apartments, cars, houses and friends. Some things are even free! It includes: the story of how one man turned a simple red paper clip into a house using craigslist; real-life examples of people who found cars to buy and flip, how to find tickets for face value -- how one man got both Jon Stewart tickets and free James Blunt tickets; A gig as a movie extra; The woman who found her dream job via CL and how; the secret to tapping the full potential of the craigslist sites; Up from rock bottom via craigslist: one man's very personal story.

"I found 'Making Money and Getting a Life Via Craigslist' to be an intriguing look behind the scenes of using the popular Craigslist website. People from all over are finding love, work and happiness through Craigslist. Your book gives readers a glimpse into what makes Craigslist such an appealing and interesting destination.

Matthew Sherborne www.cashmachinebook.com

Only $8.95. Click here to purchase: Buy it!.

Make Money Selling Kids' Clothes on eBay

"Make Money Selling Kids' Clothes on eBay" is a 42-page ebook in MS Word format with information about how to find and resell kids' clothes for maximum return. Pages of price data on what clothes sold for the highest amounts, and why! Also, what to avoid, and a brand anaylsis of what sells the best.

Only $8.95. Click here to purchase: Buy it!.

Over 500 Books that Sell for $50-$5000 on eBay

All-new for 2007!

Whether you're looking to make a living selling books on eBay, or simply get maximum return for clearing out some of the books in your own home, this ebook is packed with information that will help you. Books are everywhere, and relatively easy to ship -- and cheap, with the media mail option. But which niches hide the gems, and which niches might you be neglecting? With this over 140-page no-fluff ebook - Over 500 Books that Sell for $50-$5000, you get ver 500 of the highest recent ending prices and titles for books in every major subcategory of the Books & Magazines area on eBay, plus two median prices and titles from each of those same categories.

You also get stories and anecdotes about where people find books and the various online selling venues are and what their pros and cons are. How my friend made $400 in two weeks on amazon.com, including one ordinary book she found at a library book sale by this household-name consumer crusader. Click here for more info and to buy.

How to Spot Fakes: email juliawilk@aol.com if you're interested.
(will be available for download via this site soon).

My Life at AOL

My Life at AOL

Through the eyes of an industry insider, who programmed AOLís hugely popular ďPeople ConnectionĀEchat area, the reader learns how the lives of many people changed dramatically in a few short years.

Be there at the dawn of the Internet revolution (And hopefully chuckle at a few crazy anecdotes).
Only $13.98 -- Click here to buy it now!

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