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Over 500 Books that Sell for $50-$5000 on eBay

From the publisher of the Yard Salers newsletter and author of the award-winning eBay Price Guide (named Best of Reference 2007 by the New York Public Library) comes a new resource. Whether you're looking to make a living selling books on eBay, or simply get maximum return for clearing out some of the books in your own home, this ebook is packed with information that will help you.

Books are everywhere, and relatively easy to ship -- and cheap, with the media mail option. But which niches hide the gems, and which niches might you be neglecting?

With this over 140-page no-fluff ebook - Over 500 Books that Sell for $50-$5000, you get:

- Over 500 of the highest recent ending prices and titles for books in every major subcategory of the Books & Magazines area on eBay.

- Two median prices and titles from each of those same categories.

- Where should you check for inventory early and often?

- How can you get items from yard sales around the country, without ever leaving your chair?

- "A Book that Looks Like Nothing": Where to look for some of the best stories from regular sellers on eBay who discuss how some of the hottest-selling books are often the ones you'd pass right by.

- Stories and anecdotes about where people find books and the various online selling venues are and what their pros and cons are. How my friend made $400 in two weeks on amazon.com, including one ordinary book she found at a library book sale by this household-name consumer crusader.

You want more? OK, Here is a peek at the Contents:

- Book Prices from eBay, $6 - $60,000 - Over 50 Pages of Titles and Closing Prices

- Where to Find Books
- Internet Resources
- Rules of Thumb about Finding High-Priced Books

- Books that Sell for $50-$100:
- Fiction/Literature
- Nonfiction
- Children's
- Action & Adventure

- Other Categories:
- Golf
- Gardening
- Cookbooks
- Railroad/Train
- Comic Books
- Art
- Some Slightly Older Data, to Look at How Prices Have Changed in the Last Few Years: 2005-6 Book Sales Prices - High, Medium and Low Sales
- More Books: High-Priced But Not Necessarily $50 or More
Appendix A: "A Book that Looks Like Nothing"
Appendix B: The 100 Best Spiritual Books of the Century
Appendix C: Top 10 US out of print books of 2006

At the very reasonable price of $8.95, less than most paperback books, this book is very inexpensive when you consider the return on investment in your bookselling education. Ebook is delivered in Word or pdf format, your preference.

Thanks and start making lots of money on books!

Only $8.95 -- Click here to buy it now!

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