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Yard Salers Issue 80: Aug - Sept 2014: Yard Sale Conversational Gems; Yard Sale Pet Peeves; Latest Flips & Flops, and Next Flips Contest; Reader Mail.

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Hello, all!

That's right; a new issue of Yard Salers already! It may be the start of September but we still have a couple months or so of Yard Sale season left, not to mention those of you fortunate to live in climates where they are year-round! And, when the weather turns cold in some regions, there are always estate sales to check out.

In this issue I'm going to cover what you can get out of Yard Sale conversations, and I also want to hear about the more interesting ones you've had. And, we have our latest Flips and Flops contest with its accompanying $50 prize.

[Please note: If you already received this issue in email, please read this version instead. This one contains photos and also a Flip I did not include in the previous version.]

I do have some news of my own: I am no longer editing the AuctionBytes Blog, on the eCommerceBytes.com web site. A new opportunity came up and I left AuctionBytes Blog with fond memories. If you want to read my farewell blog post (and see a picture of me when I was a toddler, lol), you can find it here: http://www.ecommercebytes.com/C/abblog/blog.pl?/pl/2014/8/1407342855.html

(It's titled, "Thanks for the Memories, Everyday and Big."). I also thank Ina and David Steiner for the great opportunity they gave me to edit that blog.

So what am I doing now? In addition to getting back to getting this newsletter out on a more regular basis, and updating my ebooks, I am consulting for a brand-new online marketplace called Tweli.com. In a very simplified summary of what it's all about, it's like eBay with video, and a simple flat charge of 5% commission. I'd love to hear your feedback on the site, which allows you to upload videos easily from its iPhone app, Tweli Create, at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tweli-create/id876663917?mt=8. (Or, you can simply list from the web site at tweli.com).

What are your yard sale "pet peeves"? We have a fun discussion going in one of the YardSalers Facebook groups. I'll share the highlights of that, and ask you to email me your own pet peeves about yard, estate, or any other kind of sales!.

I am still working on my new ebooks, one about about how skinny things can lead to fat profit, another one I'm even more excited about. As always, subscribers will get the books for half price. I'll keep you posted.

And once again, FYI: there are two Faceboook Yard Salers groups -- one is open, but for those of you who don't know about it, there is also a closed/"Secret" group, because the regulars did not necessarily want their best tips going to the whole Facebook world. Here's a direct link to it if you want to join it (I'll need to approve you, but I try to do that asap): https://www.facebook.com/groups/219812014811564/

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Now, without further ado, let's get to the newsletter!

1) Yard Sale Conversational Gems
2) Yard Sale Pet Peeves
3) Latest Flips & Flops, and Next Flips Contest
4) Reader Mail

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1) Yard Sale Conversational Gems

The Perfect Party?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: among their many benefits, yard sales can be like the perfect cocktail party. You swoop in, at a time convenient to you (no fuss about being exactly on time or even "fashionably" late if you don't care), check out what's around, and if an item strikes your fancym it's an excuse to strike up a conversation.

You have the conversation as long as you want, then you pay for your stuff and leave. (OK, so ideally at cocktail parties, your hosts aren't charging you for the food. But you're probably bringing a hostess gift or bottle of wine, so that point can be debated).

I'll give you an example of the most recent interesting and edifying conversation I had at a yard sale.

I rolled up to a yard sale where a lady had a lot of children's books and a few textbooks out in boxes. I complimented her on her taste in books, as there were some very good ones and classics there. She asked if I was a teacher, and I responded that no, I wasn't, but my sister was and might be interested in some of the books.

The conversation turned to getting a job teaching and I mentioned I had toyed with the idea of substitute teaching. I like kids, but I think I could only stay sane with middle-school agers on up. And I wasn't sure it wouldn't become a nightmare like that old Cheech 'n' Chong record. "Sister Mary Elephant." (If you haven't heard it, here it is a link to the audio on YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aa3HXdqNWIM.

...but don't listen if you're easily offended! ;)

At any rate, this lady told me that she managed to get practically a full-time job substitute teaching, and she did it by contacting the teachers in the schools near her via email and asking them if they knew ahead of time their days off and vacation schedules. That way she could know in advance what days she was working and not have to get that 6 a.m. surprise wake-up call.

I also wrote in the past about how a conversation at a yard sale led to a magazine interview for me. I have done occasional profile pieces for The Washington Post Magazine. I was at one yard sale where there were a lot of African figurines, jewelry, tchochkes etc. One was a wonderful hat made out of newspaper beads.

I asked the couple whether they had been to Africa and the man responded that he had just come back from his post as the U.S. Ambassador to Uganda. This led to me tracking down the current ambassador, and doing an interview, which you can read here if you like: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/first-person-singular-scott-delisi-us-ambassador-to-uganda/2013/05/29/aa4f659e-b81a-11e2-aa9e-a02b765ff0ea_story.html

Another time, I ran into a fellow who had actually worked for my grandfather (who had been a U.S. Ambassador to several countries). I wrote about that a while back, but I am going to re-run it here for those of you who didn't get to read it the first time around...and also it's getting hard to find in Google. ;) The story is here:

A Series of Fortunate Events, or, "There's another stiff for you in the garage!"

One of the things I love most about yard and estate sales and thrift stores is you never know what will happen or what you'll find...you might hit the jackpot, or you might spend a couple of hours with nothing to show for it but a few trivial or even silly items. But, again, it's the thrill of the chase that keeps many of us going.

And it's not just things we might gain, I've found...it's getting out and meeting people you otherwise wouldn't have met.

Sometimes you even make a connection that amazes you. I had one such meeting a few months ago at one of the last yard sales of the Fall season.

I pulled up to a nice home in one of the prettiest neighborhoods around where I live, in the Mount Vernon, Virginia area (yes, if it was good enough for George Washington, it's good enough for us).

A friendly sixtysomething (my guess) gentleman had a variety of quality pieces of glassware and kitchen items, among other things. Something about him struck me as particularly affable and interesting, and I decided to ask him about his history in his home.

"How long have you lived in this house?" I asked.

"Oh, many years now, but it's been off and on because we were overseas a lot," he said.

"Oh really?" I followed up. (I love to travel but haven't done as much as I would like lately!). "For work?"

"Yes, I was in the foreign service."

Well, now I had to ask again, because both my grandfathers were in the foreign service, and it can be fun to compare notes.

I told him about my grandfathers both being in the foreign service, and asked where he was stationed.

"Various places, including Haiti," he replied, seemingly clipping his answer short lest he bore me.

But now it was getting really interesting. "Oh really?" I said. "My grandfather was in Haiti, too. He was the U.S. ambassador there for a number of years. But I don't suppose you were there at the same time."

"What was his name?" he asked.

I told him. Gerald Drew (otherwise known to all of us grandkids as "Pop-Pop.").

"Oh yes, I used to work for him," the man replied. (Wha-?!).

He then proceeded to share with me some wonderful anecdotes that I had never heard about "Pop-Pop," among which was that this guy I had just met, who I shall refer to as just "Jim," used to be in charge of dealing with the bodies of whatever unfortunate Americans in Haiti met an untimely demise.

"Jim!" the man recalls Pop-Pop bellowing. "There's another stiff for you in the garage!"

And so on.

It was especially amazing to hear these anecdotes because I didn't know "Pop-Pop" all that well, as he died when I was only five, and his idea of grandfatherly interaction was sequestering us four kids in his tv room while he and the adults had their cocktail hour. (I can only hope he would have become more interested as we got older.). But I had heard stories about him and his globe-trotting career.

[Above: a photo of my maternal grandfather, "Pop-Pop" (Gerald A. Drew, U.S. Ambassador to Haiti circa 1950s); and then-head of Haiti, "Papa Doc" Duvalier. There appears to be no love lost between the two men, if this photo tells us anything!]

So, you may be thinking, what did I buy at the yard sale? Well, I bought some nice martini glasses, and a pitcher that is like a relief sculpture of grapes and vines. But, as for what I *got* out of the sale, it was obviously a lot more than that...the most important thing I got was intangible.

So remember that the next time you meet someone at a sale, well...you never know who you might meet! Chatting with sellers and fellow sale-goers can reap dividends.

Do you have any stories about interesting people you met at sales? Email them to me at juliawilk@aol.com.

Keep Your Ears Open for Networking and Sale Tips: Estate Clearouts

Many times, just by listening to other sellers or sale-goers chat while waiting in line for an estate sale, I have learned about other sales going on in the area that weekend which I didn't know about. And sometimes I make useful contacts, such as a guy who specializes in Asian antiques, and I guy who does house clearouts for a company, probably a bank/foreclosure company. If you can hook up with one of those folks, and offer to meet them at whatever house they are clearing out, and take books/old jewelry/clothing/dishware etc. off their hands, you can get not only a free or low-cost source of inventory, but you can get "first dibs" on all kinds of good stuff that might otherwise have gone to pickers or even into a landfill somewhere.

Once at a clearout sale I overheard one of the business owners say someone had found hat boxes full of cash in one of the houses! (In fact, recently in one online forum, there was a whole discussion about the ethics of taking cash out of the pocket of a coat at Goodwill, and weighing it en masse with the other items the person was buying. I won't even get into that discussion, but it's another thing to think about).

So make that chitchat when you feel like it. It's not necessary, though, if your coffee hasn't kicked in yet and you just don't feel like talking. Try doing that at a cocktail party! ;)

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2) Yard Sale Pet Peeves

What are your pet peeves when going to yard and estate sales?

We had a fun discussion going in one of the Facebook groups, so I thought I would post some of it here.

I'd love to hear about your own pet peeves...email them to me at juliawilk@aol.com and I'll publish them in the next issue. :) I started the discussion with:

Julia: I'll start: When you see one sign, or two signs, and then as you get into the thick of a neighborhood, the signs disappear and you have no clue where the sale actually is! LOL.

Beth: When I can see the colored cardboard but not read the teeny tiny words written in ballpoint pen...

Deb: People who leave their signs up days or weeks after the sale.

Lynn: No prices! I hate not having an idea if they're reasonable or outrageous.

Layla: I hate it when other shoppers PARK right in the alley and block it. "How rude!"

Randolph: Neighborhood yard sales with only two, or three houses participating!

Greg: high prices for the first few hours of the garage sale. "Come back at 2:00 and I will drop the price." Right, when everything is gone and its 98 degrees. when I have 35 garage sales to visit, i don't drive back for bread crumbs.

Greg (continues): Over-aggressive shoppers. I had 2 books and a DVD set under my foot (gently) and was wearing $60 running shoes. a d00d bent over and started to yank at the DVD set. "Er, excuse me, are you trying to take my running shoe or the DVD ??" Grabby d00d was oblivious and said 'oh, that was yours?" and NEver place your smart phone on a table at a sale. I have had people reach around me from behind and try to snatch my iPhone. I have been scanning at GS's for quite a while- 5 yrs. on occasion, the seller will ask 'what are you doing' or more directly "what is it worth?" For the latter, i usually say " $1." Sometimes, if I feel silly, i say "OMG, it's worth $1000, I have hit the jackpot !" You can imagine the reactions to that. Anyway, to "what are you doing?" I usually say 'i am checking to see if I have this in my inventory, i have a lotta stuff.' Some may not believe me, but i don't care. It's none of their business what I am doing.

Danny: Picking up stuff that turns out to be not for sale.

Danny (again): Getting a sales pitch for every item I look at.

Greg (again): This is a real problem. estate sale is mobbed. Hard to park nearby. If it were my estate sale, I would offer valet parking.

Greg (again): I was looking at an Alesis 88 keyboard, about 18 yrs old. The d00d noticed me checking out the keys ( I play) . It was not plugged in, just sitting on the lawn. D00d says, 'you bettah make me an offer, a church group is on the way to buy it for $500.' I said, 'I would never get in the way of a higher power, i think you should sell it to them since I would not invite the wrath of their god." d00d sez 'well make me an offer, just in case.'. I said " oh, i guess the god of capitalism " is more important "

Candice: The person doing the yard sale telling me about the item the second I pick that up...aaahhh!!

Danny: No arrows on signs. There always need to be arrows. Big ones.

Susan: Old signs left up. People need to go around and take them down after their sale. Big pet peeve for me.

Connie: I take my widget to the old grandma cashier. It's clearly marked $2. She scratches her head and says "I guess I could take $3."

LOL! Or...should I say..."Rrrr...."

What gets your goat at these sales? Email me at juliawilk@aol.com.

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3) Latest Flips and Flops, and Next Flips Contest ******************************************************

And now it's time forrrr.....yes, the latest fabulous Flips (and Flops) contest! OK, we have one main flip here (granted, it's only been a few weeks), and tho it may be a bizarre thing (in a way), it's now something for which I shall surely be on the lookout.

Here is the entry I received from Rebecca:

Pamper Yourself with Pampers? Vintage Nappies Make for Great Flappies (Sorry!)


Julia, I found your book with 159 pages of flips on ClickBank. It took me 2 days to get through it because I kept copying and pasting everything into eBay so I could get more ideas of what sells.

I am rather new to the flipping thing. I used to sell on eBay years ago but I had gotten pretty much out of it when I began selling brand new items at Amazon. Though I've been selling on Amazon for years they recently decided to terminate my account. They said I violated their policy so now I am out for good.

Unfortunately Amazon was 90% of my income. So now I am seeing if I can flip anything.

My first and best flips came years ago when I went to a flea market in Minnesota. (I live in Missouri.) This lady had a whole wall of vintage diapers in boxes. They were from the 1970's. There were Kimbies and Pampers.

I didn't know anything about eBay but I thought I might sell some of these in a yard sale, so I got about 5 boxes of them. Well, I sold one box in the yard sale and then I wondered what I was going to do with the rest of these diapers.

I decided to try to make an eBay listing. I didn't even have a digital camera for a picture. I finished the listing at midnight. By the next morning there was already a man on there asking if it "really said Kimbies on the box." I said it did and he said he would give $35 for the box, even without a picture.

The auction ended days later for about $75. I had paid $2 a box for the diapers so that was quite a profit. When I saw that I had something valuable on my hands I got ahold of the people who had the diapers for sale and made the trip back to Minnesota (over 700 miles.)

The lady said we could make the deal in a motel parking lot. She had her truck full of diapers and she told me if I would take them all "off her hands" she would let me have them for $1 a box! I agreed to take them all of course. As we were loading the diapers in my truck my heart was racing. I felt like we were doing a drug deal or something and that this woman was going to get a flash of insight as to what these things were worth.

I was so glad when they were all loaded up and paid for!

Another blessing came out of this as I was able to help someone else out. I went back to the flea market and I saw another woman who had bought some of the diapers off the first woman. She didn't know what they were worth and she was going to put them on her grandchild. I tried every way I could to buy them from her but for some reason she wouldn't sell them to me even when I offered her $20 a box. She just got rude and nasty and insisted that they were for her grandchild. For some reason I felt compassion for the woman and I told her the story about the diapers. I told her to look on eBay and she could see what they are worth.

She was very grateful then as she was going through a real bad time in her life and the money from those diapers would mean a lot to her. I was glad that I was able to help her.

I went back to Missouri and started selling those diapers. At first I sold a lot of them, but then I started to save them for whenever money got real tight.

Back in the 1990's they switched over to the cloth-like cover on diapers. I was relatively new in the diaper business but I still went out and bought up what diapers I could afford. I probably spent about $200. If I had known then what I know now I would have taken out a bank loan to get all that I could.

Diapers that you would have paid $10 for back then are going for $300 - $400 or more now. I kick myself now for not buying more but I was new in the diaper business and I didn't have a lot of money so I was cautious.

You can do a search for vintage diapers -pins -bag -ad -photo etc to see what they go for.

[Note from Julia: See below to see a few examples I just recently dug up on eBay. Wow!]

[Above: Recent Vintage Diaper Sales on eBay]

I get sort of sick when I think that I probably could have funded my whole retirement off of diapers.

Toddler Pampers in the Purple Box

By the way, Toddler Pampers, (in the purple box) are the ULTIMATE FIND in diapers. If you do a search though you will see that even the Luv's that you could have bought not that many years ago are going for hundreds of dollars.

I once sold a box of Toddler Pampers to a man for $600!

By the way, this is a really good time to be selling diapers. They are going for some of the highest prices I've ever seen, even though some, not too bright person is devaluing the Toddler Pampers by listing too many of them at a time and by listing 2 boxes in one listing. The best was a negligee/peignoir set I found in the back room. The very last bedroom was full of clothes, all very nicely set-up on racks. I like selling clothes but it's not my niche so I don't have a lot of label or style experience; I just buy based on my reaction to the item(s).

The cloth diapers sell too, especially if they are in a sealed box but they aren't near as good as the disposable diapers.

A listing recently ended where 2 packages of diapers sold for $1,325 plus $54 for shipping! Here is the item number: eBay item number: > 271508479989 >

[Above: Becky's Vintage $1325 Box of Pampers]

More of Becky's Finds

My latest find isn't near as good as the diapers. I was at a thrift store and not finding anything (though now that I got your book I will probably find a whole lot more).

Anyhow I looked down, and under some other bedding was just a bit of a Pullman blanket. I had never actually seen one so I was quite excited.

I asked the lady how much it was and she said $2. The blanket was sort of rough looking and had a few small holes in it but I figured I could make a profit on it.

It sold for $39. Here is the item number:eBay item number: > 121388487429

[Above: Becky's Vintage Pullman Blanket]

It wasn't a huge flip but it was nice, especially since I've been needing money since Amazon shut me down.

Another thing I recently sold was 2 Sonicare replacement toothbrush heads. I got them for .50 each at a thrift store so I had $1 invested and I sold them for $15.49.

For .25 I also got 3 Allan Eckert ex-library books. I flipped them for $7.50, $7.49 and $6.99. Not a huge profit but not bad since I got all 3 books for a quarter.

Another thing I flipped recently was TwoCal HN and Nutren. These are very high calorie nutrition supplements and they are extremely expensive. I got about five cases of these at Goodwill. It was a half off day so I paid $2.50 a case for these.

I sold them for between $27-$30 a case and I paid the shipping so I didn't make a huge amount on these, though it was definitely good enough. The wonderful thing about selling these though is that you are doing the person a great service. You are really helping someone out when you list these.

My father uses Peptamen, which is similar. My daughter said he just bought 3 cases and it was almost $500. Medicare said it wasn't "medically necessary" for him to use the product even though he weighs all of about 100 pounds and he can't digest all his food.

Here is the item number for that so you can see what I am talking about. eBay item number: > 121381778296 Here is the Nutren listing eBay item number: > 121381830953 People will buy these even if they are short dated like some of mine were. I would encourage everyone to buy this type of product and resell it because it means a huge amount to those that need it. People will buy these even if the cans are dented as they are desperate for these items. Their health is dependent on having these items whether they can afford them or not. Anyhow, below are pictures of some of the things I've sold.

The Rug Doctor Pet Formula sells well. I get them for $3.49 a bottle at our local salvage grocery store. > Thanks for a great ebook! When I get more money I want to buy more of your books.

- Rebecca [aka Becky]


Speaking of quirky things that sell on eBay, I am reading a really interesting ebook, "The Free eBay Products Worth Thousands that You Can Sell Today: Jump-start Your Online Selling Career with the Surprisingly Valuable Merchandise Lying Around Your Home," which has opened my eyes to all kinds of things around my house or that I can find in thrift stores that sell for more than I would have imagined. Below is a link to his ebook (it's on Kindle, so you need a Kindle app on some device, or Kindle to read it):

Or in plain text / link format, if you cannot see the above: The Free eBay Products Worth Thousands that You Can Sell Today: Jump-start Your Online Selling Career with the Surprisingly Valuable Merchandise Lying Around Your Home


Anyway, I replied to Rebecca:

Hey Becky!

Wow! That is the most information I've ever gotten in a flip! Thank u soooo much! That alone will be enough for the next issue. ;)

I'm really sorry about what happened to u with Amazon. I've heard more stories about brands cracking down on sellers on there... Seems weird to me but who knows.

That's amazing about the diapers. Wow! I mean I think I heard something about them years ago but I thought it was a very niche fetish thing and didn't know they were going for that much. I had no idea! I guess they are not easy to come by, though.

Your other flips are very interesting too. Things that are in the health and beauty categories are great I think because, if course, people buy them again and again. Well I am so glad my ebook helped you. I learn so much from my readers, and we all learn from each other. If I can figure out a way to ferret out those vintage diapers I'll let u know, lol. Hey since I am in Va. And u are in Missouri we won't be going to the same sources lol.

Well Becky, thanks again for the flips... Multiple ones! :) I think you have a great odds of winning. I'm very sorry to hear about your dad, btw. We went thru a similar thing w my dad when he had throat cancer. :( He got very thin. Blessings and hugs to u, and thanks again for entering the contest! :)



I heard back one more time from Rebecca:


I recently found a package of these Tinkles diapers. I paid $2 for them and they are already at $49.99. eBay item number: 121407412935 It will be fun to see what they end at as I have never seen Tinkles diapers on ebay before.


Note from Julia: Becky had the following in her signature so I am going to include it in case anyone is interested: "Did you know that eco-friendly can be budget-friendly? Click this link http://www.iherb.com/?rcode=reb894 to get $10 off your first order of $40 or more; or take $5 orders totaling less than $40."


OK, Tinkles diapers. Let's check this out quickly.

Wow, these must be pretty rare. They didn't even come up in a Google search. Here is a shot of part of Becky's listing:

[Above: Becky's Tinkles diapers listing]

Who knew? Maybe the name was too much for people, so they stopped making them.


Flips Winner

Now for the winner.... OK, people this one is easy, since we only had one official entry. ;) (Of course, what a doozy of an entry it was!). But, I know many of you aren't used to this newsletter coming out so soon on the heels of another, so hopefully the Flips entries will increase for the next issue, which I estimate will be out sometime between mid-September and the end of September.

Becky wins the $50 prize for her amazing vintage diapers and other finds!

Becky, please email me with either your PayPal email address to send the money to, or your mailing address to send a check to, at juliawilk@aol.com.

Everyone, if you want to officially enter the contest, email me at juliawilk@aol.com for your shot at that $50 prize!

And, got anything else you want to tell me? News, tips. gossip, rants that I somehow missed your flip entry? (In which case I promise it will get added to the next contest). Send it all on to me at juliawilk@aol.com.


No Flops this issue, so I encourage you guys: send us your poor, your tired, your misguided, your instincts that didn't pay off, or your just plain ridiculous. I'll share some of mine in the next issue. Many of them dwell on our screened porch. ;)

So, again, don't forget to submit those flips (AND flops) to win the $50 cash (or PayPal) prize for the next issue! Just email me the story of your latest selling success (or failure) - including what you bought the item for and what you sold it for - and you'll be entered into the next contest!

4) Reader Mail

Reader Mail will return in the next issue. This issue is already too long. ;)

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OK, everyone, that's it for this issue. See you all next issue, and remember to email those flips and flops to me at juliawilk@aol.com!

Enjoy the rest of the summer yard sale season, and remember things will be cooling down soon! (Oh, the humanity! But then we still have estate and library sales, not to mention thrift shops).
Any questions, comments, compliments, rants or raves, send to juliawilk@aol.com. On second thought, send the rants to my gmail account, juliawgal@gmail.com...I don't check it as often. ;)



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