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ISSUE 46: Feb 13, 2008

Yard Salers: Feb 13: 1st Flip of the Week Contest Results

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Hello, all!

The "Flip of the Week" contest seems to have struck a chord with you guys -- I got quite a few entries! They're great stuff, and I'll share them with you here. As always, it's hard to choose a winner. But not to worry, there will be other chances to win every week.

I hit a few good estate sales this past week and picked up some good high-end clothing, including four St. John brand pieces and a pair of Ferragamo shoes in the box. However, the bad news is I did not get out to the offline auction house. A confluence of events, including our car having a myriad of problems and being stuck in the shop all week, conspired. But not to worry..I vow to get there as soon as I can and to bring back my experiences to you.

In other news, some eBay sellers are talking about boycotting the week of Feb. 18-25. But I was just reading some of the Feedback board and some folks were saying they didn't think it would make any difference. So, next week should be interesting.

I forgot to mention that last week I was interviewed by Fortune Small Business for the article "EBay fee hike sparks seller rebellion - EBay's new fee structure has small stores fearful about their survival" -- if you want to see the piece go here:


If you didn't get a chance to email me your recent good flip to juliawilk@aol.com or last week's contest, you can try again this week! Please mention what the item is, what you paid for it, and what you sold it for. A photo would be great too, if you can swing it. But not mandatory. I'll feature one flip per week.

Now let's get to it!

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In This Issue:
1) Flip of the Week Contest Entries
2) Reader Mail

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1) Flip of the Week Contest Entries

Hi Julia,

I've been a long-time subscriber to your newsletter and always enjoy it. Thanks. My latest good flip was a vintage/60's Jantzen bathing suit that I snagged from a Goodwill salesgal's hand before she could hang it on the rack. It looked like new and I knew I could make something on it at their $2 price. After researching on ebay a bit I decided to not get greedy and try to turn it over quickly. So I listed it in my store for $49.99. Well I guess maybe I priced it too low because it sold within 2 days. Nice profit though, wish all could turn out that way.

I'll start running more auctions I think after the fee rates changes. I'm not too upset by them. Getting free gallery pix goes a long way. The negative feedback ban is another story, I haven't had to use it much but the No Pay Bidders are coming more frequently and I can't see how we are to warn other sellers about them after it goes into effect.

The item number on that sale is 310018825932 sold Jan 31. My ebay ID is Pandora99...Tricia's eTreasures is my store name.

Happy ebaying!


Hey Pat!

Thanks so much for the great entry!

What a great item and photo. I love the old fashioned style. I wonder if the person who bought it collects Jantzens, or planned to wear it?

One of my first "grown up" bathing suits was a Jantzen..lol.

Thanks again for sharing. I'd like to use your letter and the photo in the next issue. I'll use your ebay id, store name and first name, but not last name or other info.

Good luck in the contest! :)



My most recent fun flip was a crate of Fine Woodworking magazines that I purchased for $16 at a FOL [Friends of Library] book sale. I lotted them in consecutively dated groups of 8-14 and started them all at $9.99. Three of 10 lots failed to sell but the 7 that did sell sold for a total of around $120. I'm sure the other three will sell for at least $10 each, bringing my total for my $16 purchase to at least $150.

I do not have photos of the magazines. I'm sorry. This is the type of item that doesn't need a photo if it is described well. People are buying it for the content, not necessarily its appearance.



Hi Pamela,

A great find indeed! Fine Woodworking is a very in-demand periodical. Another one that sells well is Architectural Digest. National Geographic can also be sold in "runs" (sets of a year or more).

Don't worry about not having a photo..you're right, it's not always necessary. In fact more and more now I am trying to get away without one and posting "photo upon request" in my auctions.

The idea being, of course, that I can get more listed that way, and then when someone is interested and wants a photo, I can always add one later.

Thanks again for sharing! Julia


I sold this last night.... ebay item #190194904828 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=190194904828

[Note from Julia - it is a Fenton milk glass hobnail pitcher, and sold for $24.02].

It came in a box lot full of glassware we paid 1.00 for at a local auction

I hope I did this right LOL....I love reading your newsletter. Thank you, Trish http://stores.ebay.com/Treasures-from-Trish?refid=store


Hey Trish!

Thanks so much!

That is a really gorgeous pitcher..congrats! I'll put it in the entry bin. :)

If anyone out there wants to write a guest article about Fenton glass for Yard Salers, please let me know.:) juliawilk@aol.com.


Hi Julia,

Just wanted to share a recent sale that really surprised me! I bought a textbook @ a local Friends of the Library sale on Sports Medicine. I don't usually do textbooks & this is not my area of expertise, but it was newly published (2007) & in brand new condition, so I thought I'd take a chance.

Well, it sold for $85.00!!! I don't use any of those book pricing things (consider this cheating & amateurish), just relying on my gut (& a long career of book buying/selling/reading), & it paid off!

So let your readers know that they don't need the fancy gadgetry...just trust your instincts!



Hi Kathlyn,

Thanks for your great entry! Textbooks are some of my favorite kind of books to sell. The key is..as you found..finding new or almost new ones (with a few exceptions like collectible ones).

I agree w/ you on scanners...I don't like using them and feel silly doing so..not that I can say never would, but I seem to be doing fine w/o them.

Thanks again!



Hi! Just writing to share my modest success about 10 days ago. Normally, I sell books, but from time to time I go trawling in different waters. I bought a 1940's Brazilian fishing scene, a framed tourist-type photo that was color enhanced. My investment was 10 minutes digging in some Salvation Army discards for this $1.99 find. Selling price was $26.00...sold to a Parisian buyer, no less. Arrived there safely to a happy customer!


Hi Chrysanthe!

That is a very charming picture indeed! A nice find..congrats. I have been looking at thrift shops for good art but not found anything I liked yet. This is a reminder to keep looking. :)

Thanks again for entering and good luck in the contest!


Ok, those are all great flips. But this next one is so pretty and sold for such a profit that I just had to name it...Flip of the Week. And the winner is..

You were asking for good "flips"; here is one we did awhile ago that we particularly enjoyed.

Jugtown Ware Pitcher, Bowl & Platter - Marked

PITCHER: Stands 10 1/2 Inches Tall - Mouth Is 6 Inches; Base Is 4 1/2 Inches In Diameter.

Color Is Brown, With Spatterings Of Orange And Varied Shades Of Orange. Great Condition - No Chips Or Cracks.

BOWL: Stands 5 Inches Tall; Base Is 3 Inches In Diameter. Top Is 12 Inches In Diameter. Same Color And Markings As Pitcher. Has Small Glaze Chip On Rim Of Bowl.

PLATTER: Stands 1 1/2 Inches Tall, 14 1/2 Inches In Diameter. Good Condition. One Glaze Chip On Base Of Rim - Not Visible When Sitting.

One Glaze Chip At Top Of Rim, That Is Darkened With Age. Worn Surface Of Platter From Movement Of Bowl & Pitcher, I Would Presume.

All Have Jugtown Ware Mark Surrounding A Jug.

Shipping Wt. Approx. 12.5 Lbs. Including Box And Padding.

Bought for $2 and sold it at auction (on eBay) for $ 685. Photo is attached.

Good Collectible Hunting, and Good Reading,

Phil Keener of Keener Books & Keener Stuff

Visit us at: www.KeenerBooks.com

Carrying all types of Used, Rare, and Out-of-Print Nonfiction, and

Specializing in Books relating to Food, Fine Dining and Entertainment


Congrats, Phil! Please email me your address so I can send you the signed book. juliawilk@aol.com.

Everyone, keep those entries coming for next week!

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2) Reader Mail

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Our friend Bob B. wrote in again with a great tip for those of us looking at reselling art. I'll let him say it. Thanks so much for the heads up on this site, Bob!

Subject: Interactive site that explains Lithographs, Etching, Screen Print, Woodcut with examples



Came across it accidentally. Don't know if you ever mentioned it in your newsletter.

It really helped me understand the differences.

Bob B


I have read your newsletter for sometime now and enjoy it immensely. There has been a lot of great info on buying and selling for both yard sales and ebay.

I personally believe that the good old days of an auction style format for ebay are over. I loved being able to list my antique and collectible items for auction and then watch as it gained watchers, bids and then the sale. Some items sold others didn't, some far exceeded my expectations and others tanked. It was an Auction. I enjoyed receiving and sending personal emails to and from the buyers about the goods I offered up for their pleasure.

eBay has become a big venue for nothing more than retail products, with buyers that think they hold the winning deck in their hands. I sell from a web site, going on 8 years now and I have far more problems with ebay sales and shipping than my site. I even receive wonderful emails from people who have visited my site and love to just look. Ebay on the other hand sends me screaming out the door in an attempt to shake off the attitude that I as a seller am out there to get them. It has become a negative game I no longer want to play.

The new feedback system is all wrong, it has been from the start. It has been used as leverage for buyers to use and abuse you as a seller and ebay in general. I was taught in business, the buyer is always right and I treat any problem this way. Ebay has forgotten that the sellers on eBay are the customers first, ebay's customers and we are right.

I truly think that my days of selling on ebay are over, I'm going back to doing flea markets and trade shows.

Bonnie @ www.bonnies-treasures.com

Hi Bonnie!

Thanks so much for your letter! I'd love to use it in my newsletter. If I use your link, maybe it will get u a few more customers, too? Plus I think it will be great encouragement to other sellers to start their own sites.

It is disheartening what eBay is doing..and I so agree..sellers *are* eBay's customers! I am not ready to leave eBay yet, tho...I am hoping with enough feedback they will change their feedback policy. We'll see how things shake out in the weeks and months ahead.

Thanks again for writing, and I hope you keep reading Yard Salers in any case!


I just got this note about a new site called Hoobly, which I just glanced at but haven't really monkeyed around seriously with yet. It sounds like a neat idea tho..kind of a mashup between mapquest and craigslist. Check out this letter:


I read your quote in Fortune Small Business and some of the reader comments to the changes at eBay on your blog and thought maybe you and your readers would be interested in learning more about some of the sites that are attempting to capitalize on the company's obvious transition period with innovative platforms of their own.

Hoobly.com is a relatively new offering that was founded in 2003. Hoobly provides users with a site that combines the power of a free online marketplace with dynamic local searches. The Hoobly "Radius Search" allows users to set their home zip code and search listings geographically by “zooming in” and “zooming out” by mileage to search intuitively. Unlike most sites, where users have to contend with scattered listings posted by sellers located miles apart from one another, Hoobly’s virtual marketplace allows consumers to conduct their shopping just like they would anywhere else, by starting closest to home and moving out as other search criteria (price and availability) comes into play. More information on the Hoobly Radius Search follows in the press release below. You can also check it out for yourself at www.hoobly.com.

Right now the site does admittedly have a number of pet-related listings, but category listings are expanding across the board.

Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested in any additional information.

Best regards, April

*** end of Reader Mail **


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That's it for this issue. Until next time! - Julia


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