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ISSUE 40: Nov. 30, 2007

Yard Salers: Issue 40! Cyber Friday, Holiday Buying and Selling - Nov. 30, 2007

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Yard Salers: Cyber Friday, Holiday Buying and Selling - Nov. 30, 2007

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Hi everyone!

Well if last Friday was Black Friday, today is Cyber Friday, the Friday after Cyber Monday. My household is no exception. I've already bought a lot of things online, and avoided Black Friday in the stores completely. I know a lot of people like to go out to the stores, and got great deals. But I have one friend who got up at 5 a.m. to go to Sears, waited in line for hours to get a 1/2 price HDTV, and just when it got to her turn, they ran out.

But a neat thing is happening this year: while we are buying a lot of stuff as usual, we are also offloading stuff. And our resistance to buying our son a new video game system has meant that he's had to work for a new system. So he's selling his GameCube, which he doesn't use as much anymore, to make money to put toward a new Microsoft XBox 360.

Another beautiful thing: I told him I'd pay him to scan post cards for me. I still have a bulging recipe box of post cards from all over the world. So I gave him a quick training session on the scanner, and he's been scanning them and saving them in sessions ranging from 15 minutes to half an hour. Well, OK, usually closer to 15 minutes.

But my point here is that if you have kids, and they want stuff, it's a great time to hold that carrot out to them and get them to do stuff. ::mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha -- insert evil laugh here::.

But let's get back to what this newsletter is all about: making money and selling stuff. (Well anyway, that's part of what it's about). I've noticed an uptick in all my eBay auctions. I think this is a good time in general to get that stuff you haven't had time to list out there and up online. Drag it all out there and get it up on the site. There are more people in general shopping and browsing the site, and I think they're making incidental purchases as well as shopping for gifts.

Here's an example. I'd been thinking about buying some anti-tarnish silver sleeves for my silver flatware for the longest time. Since Thanksgiving just passed, and got me thinking about Christmas coming up, with its accompanying meals, I went ahead and bought some silver cloth while I was already online shopping for stuff for the kids.

As to my auctions, I noticed some stuff that hasn't been looked at in months has suddenly gotten watched...for example, a very cool book called Wars Remembered, which is signed by a bunch of different veterans and tells their stories, that has been languishing in my eBay store. And a Limoges coral pink platter up and sold for $25.95. It had been sitting in my store since the summer, which surprised me a bit since it is just a gorgeous pink and white platter with gold trim.

My son's GameCube auction closed at $122.50 with 30 bids. Which reminds me about a strange thing that's happened in the Video Games subcategory on eBay: they seem to have taken away the completed listings feature there so you can see final prices. To get them, you have to go to eBay's marketplace data service, or get them from another price data service such as Hammertap.

However, the good news about eBay's marketplace data service is, you can get a two-day pass for $2.99. I think that's one of the best deals out there to do research if it's not something you can get for free on eBay itself.

While I was at it, I put up some individual video games and even some dvd's. So if you have those languishing in the house, bring 'em out.

I was especially surprised that this one set of 2 dvd's I put up, Animusic 1 & 2, sold for healthy $33.

Finally, what Cyber Friday would be complete without a promotion? For the next week, you can get a copy of my latest special report, "Make Big Bucks off Catalogs on eBay," for only $4.95.

AND you have a chance to win a free signed copy of my paperback book, eBay Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks. A very good chance. See article 1 for details.

What's that? You want more ways to make money? I'll be writing about a new service called KickItBack.com, which lets you earn cash back on your eBay purchases AND money on referrals you send to the eBay site, in this coming Sunday's AuctionBytes Update, www.auctionbytes.com.


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[For more writing and photos throughout the month, check out Julia's bidbits blog at http://juliawww.typepad.com/bidbits/.]

In This Issue:
1) Julia's Cyber Friday Promotion: Catalogs ebook for only $4.95
2) Reader Mail: Starting an Online Vintage Business

1) Julia's Cyber Friday Promotion: Catalogs ebook for Only $4.95

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Wise words. It can't hurt to ask friends, relatives and neighbors.

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2) Reader Mail

This first letter refers to a site for my auction directory, juliasauctionlinks.com. I don't think I mentioned it yet in Yard Salers so here it is:

I was reading your current and past reading material and saw that if we knew of another site that was good to send it to you so here it is.


Steve and Lora go beyond what many sites do and they are so reasonable in pricing...I haven't been able to get my listings up as I would like due to health reasons, but this site is worth its weight in all areas.

thank you,

Thank you Dinah! I've had it up on the juliasauctionlinks site for a while now, but wanted to run your letter here as well.


Actually Dinah's first letter was asking a question about my ebooks bout selling books. And I'm pleased to tell her I'll soon be coming out with an update that has more of what she wants:

Just a question before I buy the book on books....does this ebook come with pictures of books? Or is it all just names and such..

thank you,

Hi Dinah,

You make an excellent point. It really needs more pictures, and I do plan on adding them. But right now it's mostly just "all names and such"..I like the way you put it...lol.

Adding pictures is a bit more difficult because if it is not your own photo, you have to get the permission of the person who posted the auction. However, I have many of my own pix I can use. And I agree w/ you...pix make it much more valuable. (Well, one other downside is they add a lot of download time...but I may do a pix file add-on).

So thanks for the feedback..if you don't want to buy now, watch my newsletter for when the version with the pix is out.

Thanks! Julia


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That's it for this issue. Until next time! - Julia


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