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ISSUE 59: Jan., 2009

Yard Salers: Jan. 2009: Happy New Year, Sales, Best Tips and eBook of Flips

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Happy New Year! There are many challenges ahead in 2009, both here in the U.S. and worldwide. But we're not going to take on all that right now here at Yard Salers. We're going to tackle our problems one at a time, as we've always done, and focus on things we can do which are within our control.

Speaking of which, I'm experimenting with a new format for the newsletter which I hope will speed things up and enable me to get more issues out in '09. Here are today's topics:

New Best of Flips eBook
It's the Economy, But Some People are Thriving
Going Out of Business and Closeout Sales
Reader Mail:
New Site: Bonanzle
New Report Lists Sites for Listing Auctions

One of my goals for 2009 is to get more new ebooks out there and update the ones I have. To that end, I have put together an ebook of Yard Salers' Readers best flips, and accompanying tips and rules of thumb, which I will tell you more about later. (I am offering the ebook at a special low rate for newsletter subscribers...only $4.50. If you want to cut to the chase, it's here).

This newsletter would have been out sooner had it not been for a ton of stuff that sold out of my eBay Store in the last week. I just took on an almost complete set of Spode dishes to sell on commission for a client, and I had it listed for the holiday season. But while my sales were OK, not great, none of those dishes sold in December.

January has been crazy so far, though. In the span of three days, the dinner plates, a set of luncheon plates, salad plates, a cranberry bowl and sauce bowls all sold. (I also sold some other pottery and china from my Store, some that had been sitting there for months).

So I was running around, gathering up the boxes I had on hand from Christmas presents, corralling bubble wrap, and best of all. bunching up the old wrapping paper into balls to use as packing material. I love it when nothing goes to waste.

I've taken other stuff on commission as well, but this was the first large set of china that I've taken on. My goal is to do a great job with this client so she will recommend me to other folks. More thoughts on selling on commission for you will be coming in future newsletters.

But let's look back a bit. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We had a nice, quiet Christmas and went out of town for a few days, where we went night skiing rather than day skiing in hopes the snow wouldn't melt around us on that warm Virginia Saturday.

On the way back we stopped in the town of Leesburg, Virginia, which has many quaint shops, including lots of antique and thrift shops. However the rest of the family does not share my love of pottering through such shops looking for finds, so I had to keep it snappy. It was OK, though; most of the things in the prominent shops in Leesburg, from what I could tell, were marked up pretty high for all the passing tourists, and there weren't many super bargains to be had.

I had my eye on what looked like a deep-carved Bakelite shoe clip. I was attracted to the deep-carved and Bakelite part of it, but I was unsure how the whole shoe clip thing would come off unless I positioned it (or converted it to) a brooch.

Before our Leesburg trip, we hosted Christmas Eve at our house. Remember how I was saying in the last issue that I had found many of my gifts for people this year at estate sales? This was the case for the garden gnome I found for my sister, Signe, at an estate sale in Maryland. There were a series of 4 or 5 adorable little men sitting and standing outside this rural home, and the guys running the sale let me have mine for $2. He was sitting on a toadstool and smoking a little pipe. (Yes I am talking about an inanimate gnome..not a real human being, lest I am giving the wrong impression!)

Unfortunately, I did not think to take a picture of him, but I can take one next time I am at my sister's.

This, I believe, is my sister's favorite gift, surpassing the set of Longaberger placemats and napkins I scored at the big Longaberger estate sale (also in the last newsletter).

Of course, my sister and I have had a running sort of joke (that is increasingly becoming more serious) of exchanging this jolly little men each year at Christmas; one year I gave her the oversized book "Gnomes" (also an estate sale find), and one year she gave me "mooning gnome" who...er...shines his own kind of moon in my herb garden. (My husband is not...er..crazy about it and keeps turning his moon to face the wall).

I also followed through on my earth friendly, low-cost reusable gift wrapping idea: wrapping gifts in a colorful scarf from an estate sale, secured with a vintage brooch. I did this one for my writing club, where we do a holiday book/gift exchange each December, and all the members loved it:

Here's how it turned out:

The presidential inauguration is imminent, and some of the talk here in DC is about how people are listing their homes on craigslist, some for absurd sums of money. One of them is asking $25,000 a night, calling itself "one of George Washington's farms near Mount Vernon." There are genuine farms formerly belonging to part of Washington's overall estate around here, but I thought they were for the most part museums or community structures such as the American Horticultural society, but I can't say I'd heard of this one.

Most of the asking prices, however, are more down to earth...$700 a night and up. still not cheap by any means. We're a bit leery of offering up our home to strangers, but if they were people we knew or friends of people we knew, I'd consider it.

It's the Economy, But Some People are Thriving

The economy continues to struggle, but you didn't need me to tell you that. What I wonder is how your eBay sales are doing...have they slowed down; was your holiday season the same or a lot worse than last year's?

Most retailers and online sites reported sales were down, but a few folks actually reported sales being up. Among those, amazon.com, who said they had their best holiday season ever (!). In line with that, I noticed more sales coming from my amazon selling account. Because it is so fast and easy to list books there, I often put appropriate books, videos, etc up there first. But a lot of the rare, collectibles books I still think are better placed on eBay (or such) and do better with a photo.

Along with the sudden influx of January sales from my eBay Store, several books started flying off my amazon shelves that had festered there for months. One of my theories is that all these sales are coming from people using amazon gift cards they were given for Christmas.

So if you haven't already listed stuff you have sitting around that would be good for amazon,I don't think it's too late to take advantage of this delayed holiday rush.

I've also started looking for new, shrinkwrapped cd's and dvd's at estate and yard sales. Especially box sets. The latter can go for so much more than a single disc or book, and you'd be surprised how many of them are floating around at these sales once you start looking for them. Whether a lot of people simply have books, records and the like that were gifts they never opened, or bought themselves and never opened, I don't know. And the other nice thing is that I've found they aren't usually priced any more than the non-new cd's. I paid about $1 each for 4 cd's at a sale yesterday, and it was the same price whether they were new or used.

One friend of mine bid on hundreds of unopened cd's and dvd's at the tail end of one estate sale when the sale runner was eager to unload them. He got the whole kit and kaboodle for $120 or so, and while not all of them were worth listing, many of them were, and they were flying off his shelves from amazon.com during the holidays, some bringing $50-$100. Yeah, some vintage and/or hard-to-find dvd's sell for that much!

But back to the economy.

Another biz who did very well? Wal-mart. That one isn't hard to figure out; people want bargains now more than ever. And the Wall street Journal reported that video game seller GamestopCorp. reported same store sales were up by 10% in Nov. and dec. But overall, people are cutting back on spending, according to the Journal.

But while people are scaling back in a lot of areas in their lives, certain key products this year were so in demand that they resisted the recession: iPods, iPhones, Wii games. The "must-have" gadgets and electronics that have become iconic in our lives. I was reading in the Washington Post about how a lot of the creators of iPhone "apps" -- some of them just silly, fun little bits of code that make your iPhone sound like a wind instrument, say, have become millionaires just by selling tons of these apps in the App Store for $1 each.

Going Out of Business and Closeout Sales

We talked some about liquidation/going out of business sales in the last newsletter. I'd be eager to hear your experiences with finding bargains at these types of sales.

One yardsaler wrote in with a cautionary note that some stores hire liquidators to run their closeout sales, and these folks actually charge more for some items than similar items in similar stores!

But I think overall there are going to continue to be bargains out there for the sharp-eyed.

There is some exaggerated information out there about stores actually "going out of business" vs. cutting back and closing some stores. A good roundup is here:



Before we get to the rest of the newsletter, two reminders:

- Be sure to modify your listings to take out other payment methods than PayPal. eBay is going to start enforcing this (I'm told). (That sounds fun for them!). You can bulk edit listings in Selling Manager Pro; check your eBay feature or other eBay tools you may use to see if they have a bulk edit feature.

- Also if you have any ivory for sale (I know I did), remember to take that down too. As of January 09 (like now) eBay no longer allows ivory sales.



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Or, go to facebook, select the "Groups," and search for the "Yard Salers." Once you have clicked into the group, you simply join using the "join" link. (You do need a facebook account to do all this).

Without further ado, let's get to the rest of it!


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Reader Mail

New Site: Bonanzle

Hi Julia,

How's it going? I wanted to let you know about this new site I found called "Bonanzle." It bills itself as a place to find "Everything but the Ordinary," which means they're geared toward helping you find any item that isn't shiny, new, and mass-produced.

Bonanzle also has live chatting built into every store, which makes it kind of like a street fair where you can talk to (or bargain with) the sellers in real time.

It takes (literally!) one click to get started selling there. Give it a shot sometime and let me know what you think.

Check it out at: http://www.bonanzle.com/users/new

P.S. My items are for sale here: http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/daddysattic

Report Lists Sites for Listing Auctions

Hi Julia,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I really enjoy your newsletter. I'm an eBay seller (jlmccutcheon) and understand some of the frustrations eBay sellers have at times. I love eBay - but do use Bonanzle to list items that don't sell on eBay. Anyway, in response to Suzanne in the last ezine issue:

/Does anybody know of another online site that we could list auctions on, because we have had it with being told or forced into having to accept ebay's paypal./

I have put together a little PDF that covers some other online places where you can sell your stuff:


It's a small report, but I've had a lot of my clients ask the same question as Suzanne, so I decided to put the information in a quick reference format.

Keep up the great job on the ezine. I love receiving my copy and have learned so much. Merry Christmas!

-- Jackie
Jackie McCutcheon
~~ eBay Trading Assistant ~~

Hey Jackie!

Thanks so much for writing and the kind words! So glad u like the newsletter. The report looks great! I'd like to post a link to it in my next newsletter if that's K with you (and my blog).


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Flip to Start Us Off the Year

I mentioned before we only have one flip to show this issue...reminder for everyone to send flips to me for the next contest! I have vintage eBay swag and more paperback books about eBay to give away.

Read on for Dee's find:

Hey Julia!

How goes it? Got a question for ya and a couple of flips I recently had.

Ok...question....I read in your new ebook (yup read it! great!) that you took French. I have two pictures that I bought at a Salvation Army Store one time that have drawings of butterflies, and all the words are in what I think is French. I would like to know who the artist is and what the name of butterflies are and if it is worth anything. I might sell if worth something...if not I will keep. I would like to paint the frame if I keep but don't want to do this till I know what I have...lol. If you could help me I would be grateful!

Ok....here are my flips. Both items came from my dad's collection so I don't know what he paid for them. Most likely he bought them in box lots because that is what he usually did. He went to auctions all the time while I was growing up and sometimes I would go along. This is where I get my love for auctions and box lots...lol. I his early years, he never paid much for anything, later he did buy more collectible stuff. Anyway...here they are...

First one is a Maytag wrench. I had two of them not realizing the size of hole was different. Listed both for starting bid of $8.99. One didn't sell so I put it in my store and it just sold for $5.00 here is item number on eBay...270312104346.

The other start getting hits and bids and I was pleasantly surprised the it had 6 bidders with 16 bids and sold for...drum roll please.....103.70!!!

Who knew!?!? Here is item number....270308368890. The ONLY thing different was the size of the center hole. I sold some of his other wrenchs and got some good prices. Others are now in my store. So keep your eyes open for old wrenches with company names on them. Ya just never know!

[Dee's wrench, above, which closed at $103.70 on eBay with 16 bids.]

Second flip is an old catalog...which I know are good sellers. You have pointed this out to your newsletter readers. I started this one low ($5.99) cause it was in really rough shape...didnt figure it would sell at all, but gave it a shot. Sooooooo glad I did. It is a Heller Allen Catalog of engines and pumps. It got 11 bids with 5 bidders. It finally sold for....drum roll again please.....$91.00! And it was in bad shape!!! WOW! Here is the item number - 270307880405. Both of these items were listed and sold in Dec.

I have a ton more stuff of his to get listed...and then a ton of my stuff. Just listed some items for my husbands aunt...hope they do well.

Please let me know if ya can translate for me. I would like pics I can do that too...thanks in advance...

C-ya dee daddys-attic.com


Hey Dee!

How goes? You've been doing really well it sounds!

Wow...that wrench is so cool...who woulda thought it would be the size of the hole that would matter but with tools you never know. What an interesting-looking wrench too..I've never seen that.

Would love to use those in the next contest..thanks! Also be happy to translate (or attempt to translate) the French words..lol. Send 'em on, or pix, or whatever u like. :)

That catalog example is amazing too, Whenever I see an old catalog I snap it up bec. you just never know. They're also just fun slices of history.

Thx again Dee for being such an amazing newsletter supporter and reader...send on the French!

Happy New Yr., Julia

~~~ Entrants all, pls. email me at juliawilk@aol.com with your USnail address. :-)

Next issue we'll have more fabulous prizes! So mail in those entries.

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That's it for this issue. Until next time! - Julia


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