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ISSUE 37: Nov. 4, 2007

Yard Salers: Issue 37! Hot Holiday Toys and Selling Catalogs - Nov. 4, 2007

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Hello, all!

Halloween has officially passed, and that means the holiday season is here. Which means they're coming.

You know...them.

They come in the mail, by the droves. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life. (Although most likely it will be both today and tomorrow).

Last week I asked the non-musical question, what's free, annoying, and potentially lucrative? Catalogs. Lots of catalogs.

My new special report about catalogs is almost done, but I'm going to give you a taste of the money you can make and the strategies you can employ in today's issue, along with sample prices. Watch for the next issue for the link to buy my updated ebook, if you so desire, with information on how to get the best-selling catalogs, strategies for selling them for top dollar, which sell for the most, and which to hang on to long-term.

What else does the holiday season mean? You guessed it: Toys. I have a recommendation for a great guide to help you make lots of money off the hot toys this holiday season.

But this is a short issue, and I'm short on time (speaking of toys, I've been hanging out with a two-year old this weekend, my niece, so I'm getting a taste of what toys the younger set is into. One tip: she saw a commercial for a toy called "Pixel Chix Dollhouse," and went crazy. I'm not sure if this toy is at her age level, but the marketing seems to be working).

Now is the time to start looking for the hot holiday toys that will be selling out later. I've found a new expert, Jenni Hunt, an eBay seller with a high-tech marketing background, who I think has some wonderful advice that will pay off for us all handsomely.

So let's get to it!

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[For more writing and photos throughout the month, check out Julia's bidbits blog at http://juliawww.typepad.com/bidbits/.]

In This Issue:
1) Make Money Selling Hot Holiday Toys
2) Catalogs that Sell for Big Bucks
3) Reader Mail: Recommending a Learning Program for a Beginner

1) Make Money Selling Hot Holiday Toys

When I was researching the eBay Price Guide, some of the prices that really blew me away were for toys. Specifically, video game systems. It was the season that the Microsoft Xbox 360 came out, games were sold out in the stores, and prices on eBay were skyrocketing into the thousands, tens of thousands, and yes, in some cases, even hundreds of thousands for various permutations of these systems.

The point being that the holidays are approaching, and we are all about to open our wallets big time and spend on our kids.

Wouldn't it be nice to get some of that money back -- even make a bunch of money and come out in the green -- on this holiday toy frenzy?

I've found a guide that can help you do just that. I've read and vetted the whole special report myself, and I think it's very well-done. It's by Jenni Hunt, a seasoned eBay seller with kids of her own, and what helps a lot is her high-tech marketing background. She's got some great tips in the guide not only about narrowing down the hottest toys and how to find them, but also general auction marketing ideas that had me going "aha..why didn't I think of that?"

If you want to cut to the chase, you can get Jenni's Guide here: Click here for the 2007 Holiday Toy Guide - Gold Level Membership.

The other nice thing about this guide is it comes with updates. You get a weekly emailed toy update with info such as hot lists of what toys are selling well, example sales, and my favorite, notes from Jenni about what your limit should be in paying for these toys used. There is even helpful info below individual auctions on where you could find that specific toy on clearance, etc., in some cases.

I really think Jenni's guide will have you thinking about selling toys a whole new way. For example, she mentions some places to buy holiday toys that I hadn't thought of as being better than the typical big-box store -- now I will look to those places first.

Jenni also offers different levels of membership. So you can try out the silver level for only $29, and get her ebook about selling hot holiday toys, and limited email updates, or the gold level for $97, with weekly email updates. But see her page for all the details.

Here's another thing, from me, to think about as you hunt for holiday toys -- check out those ubiquitous store circulars and ads that come with the newspaper -- especially the Sunday paper. They can be invaluable in getting pictures of and prices for individual hot toys. So much easier than going on line and tediously searching for individual toys, printing out pages, etc., etc. After all, it's good to have an image in your head of what you're looking for.

Here is a little bit prettier link to Jenni's guide. But if for some reason you can't see the graphics below, the text link above should work for you. Here's wishing you a profitable holiday season selling those toys you usually shell out for!


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2) Catalogs that Sell for Big Bucks

They land with a thud onto the floor through your mail slot, or are jammed so tight into your mailbox you start thinking you may have to buy a bigger one. They are catalogs. Lots of catalogs. Just dial-the-800-number, spend-the-nest-egg catalogs.

But it doesn't have to be that way. What if I told you you could actually *make* money off these funny slick pieces of junk mail that seem like so much bird cage liner?

Yes, that's right. To paraphrase Kenny Rogers, you got to know when to hold 'em, know when to throw 'em, know when to recycle 'em, and when to run....all the way to the bank to cash that big fat check you'll make from selling them.

OK, so not every catalog is a winner. And some catalogs you have to hang onto for a while. Others, you may have to call a store and order. Still others you may need to have the foresight to pick and choose when they're worthwhile ordering, such as certain Christie's and Sotheby's auction catalogs.

I'll give you a low-level and then a high-level example. Since I just mentioned Christie's, let's go with the high-level. One of the top-selling catalogs consistently on eBay is the Princess Diana Dress auction catalogue.

There aren't many copies of this catalog listed on eBay now. There are four copies in ebay Stores at this writing: starting at a BIN of $525.95 for a softcover copy, then $750, and on up to $1599.95 for a hardcover copy. I was actually surprised to see a copy had sold for as low as $202.51, bundled together with a Jackie Kennedy estate auction:

- 2 Catalogs Princess Diana + Jacqueline Kennedy JFK

OK, so you get the idea. But here you're rightly saying, "But Julia, I'm not going to come across those catalogs at yard sales or even estate sales every day." No, you probably won't. But you will keep your eye out in the news for when those kinds of auctions happen, and go ahead and pay the 50 bucks or whatever it is to invest in the auctions of such cultural icons when they occur. No one could have anticipated Diana's tragic death, and it is a terrible loss for us all, but it certainly did make the price of those catalogs go up. (I'd much rather have Diana back, of course.).

Ok, back to the everyday. I can't think of anything more everyday than the humble, mass-produced, Victoria's Secret catalog. Every year they do a special holiday/Christmas Dreams catalog. Someone has already paid $13.49 for this year's 2007 holiday VS catalog, that I already got free in the mail.

Neiman Marcus is one catalog I don't receive, but I sure plan to start. This year's Christmas catalog, "The Christmas Book," is fetching $20 and similar on eBay. It's a big enough deal that they had a whole segment about it on the "Today" show. (It's green, by the way).

A 1959 Christmas Neiman's catalog went for $48.00, but that's a bit before my time. I'll bet it has a lot of cool stuff in it.

And that's just the holiday catalogs!

How do you get ahold of some of these catalogs of you don't have them? Without paying for the catalog itself? Stay tuned for next week.


Want a free copy of one of Julia's ebooks, of your choice? Simply forward this issue to a friend who you think may be interested, and if they subscribe, email me (juliawilk@aol.com) their subscribed email address and let me know which ebook you want. (They can then get a free ebook by doing the same thing!).

3) Reader Mail: Recommending a Learning Program for a Beginner

Hi Julia,

I've just looked through the boot camp info and it looks good but too expensive for me at the moment. Could you recommend anything to get an absolute beginner, like me, started. Thanks, Chris.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for writing. I know not all of my subscribers want to invest in a program to that extent, at least not right away. I am investigating a few other eBay learning programs right now and will be able to recommend some to you soon.

What kinds of things are you most interested in selling? I would say start there. In terms of totally free resources, I can also recommend the many great free auction newsletters online, the eBay workshops, and AuctionBytes.com.

I have just subscribed to doba, which is a product sourcing co. that hooks up sellers and wholesalers/manufacturers/drop shippers. Once I've had more time to play with the product and read up on it I'll tell everyone more about it.

I welcome more input from you about what you want to sell or what your areas of interest/expertise are so I might have more tips for you.

Thanks so much for reading!



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That's it for this issue. Until next time! - Julia


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