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ISSUE 33: September 2007

Yard Salers: Issue 33! Making Money with Paper and What Sells

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Hello, all!

It's done. It's finally done. The new, updated version of What Sells on eBay for What is hot off the press, and ready for your download pleasure. As always, my wonderful subscribers will get it for half price. You'll have a link to buy it if you so desire in this issue.

What else is new, with me and all of you? Well, let's start with me, since I don't know about all of you until you write me and let me know about your recent finds, which I hope you will.

One recent lovely Sunday afternoon I decided to take a stroll and peek into at least one of the three open houses in our neighborhood. That little walk would lead to a treasure trove of books, all for free, which I currently am in the process of listing on eBay. What I did is something you can do, too. Sound good? See article 1 in this issue for more.

Since reading the ebook I mentioned to you in the last issue, Avril Harper's "How to Make Money Tearing Up Old Books and Magazines and Selling Them on eBay," I've been looking at books and paper a whole new way.

Avril has done it again. She has an ebook about selling post cards which I highly recommend. I have bought it myself and have been putting its advice into practice. Just yesterday I bought two post cards which I wouldn't have recognized the value of if I hadn't read Avril's book. More on that later in this issue.

Some housekeeping: I still plan to get the newsletter moved forward so that we have an interim issue next month, and then October's issue will actually be coming out in October, and each issue thereafter will come out just before that month for which it is dated. (Wow..don't show that sentence to any of my English teachers).

I'm also keeping this issue fairly short so it can actually get out on time! I hope you're all having a great, and profitable, September, and that this issue helps you have an even better October.

So without further ado, let's get to it!

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[For more writing and photos throughout the month, check out Julia's bidbits blog at http://juliawww.typepad.com/bidbits/.]

In This Issue:
1) Real Estate Agents Are Your Friends
2) Making Money with Post Cards and Disbound Extracts
3) New What Sells on eBay for What: the 2007 Update
4) Reader Mail

1) Real Estate Agents Are Your Friends

Being interested in real estate and also curious about home interiors in my neighborhood, I couldn't resist the three open houses the other Sunday close to our home here in Alexandria, Virginia.

Little did I know that stroll would lead me to eight boxes of interesting books I could sell on eBay. And I got them all for free.

The realtor running the first open house is a neighbor of mine. While I was at that open house, we chatted about a house around the corner she listed and that was under contract. She mentioned the guy who sold it had been in a hurry to leave, and had left a bunch of stuff behind, including a bunch of boxes of books in the attic that were now a burden for her to remove.

I told her I sold books on eBay and would be happy to take the books off her hands if she was sure he didn't want them. I also told her that in appreciation I would try to steer clients her way, as realtors do a lot of business via word of mouth.

So I came into the possession of many, many books, including many World War II books, some signed; and two circa 1910 sets; one a 23 volume Alexandre Dumas set which just sold on eBay for $76.00.

I put the D-Day books into a lot, and that's about to end in a day. And I have many, many more art books and catalogs to list, some Russian. (I had to get my brother to translate the Cyrillic!) Not bad for a few hours' work clearing out some boxes.

Is this something that could work for you? Sure could. You can get to know the realtors in your area, or go to open houses and chat with agents that way. My realtor friend told me some people are embarrassed to admit they are going to an open house if they are not really looking to buy. Maybe they are people like me, just curious in looking around. Although from time to time we think about moving to a house with a garage.

She says don't be. Agents don't mind at all and know houses are sold by word of mouth, and neighbors coming by can help do that,

So give it a shot...stop by open houses, or just make conversations with people in your neighborhood. People may be downsizing, looking to sell collections, or in other ways divesting themselves of stuff. You never know what will come up.

2) Dirty Bits of Paper Fetch $1600? Making Money with Post Cards

Below you can find details on the book I promised you from Avril. I'll let her terll you about it, since she can do so so much better than I could:

Brand New eBook Tells How Dirty Bits of Paper Fetch $1600 (about £800) In One Day on eBay! Sit down, make a cup of tea, let eBay PowerSeller Avril Harper tell you -

How to Make $2,000 (about 1000) a Week, or More, on eBay, Selling Items that Cost You Pennies Apiece, and Can Sell for $40, $6, $200 (about 100) Each, Sometimes Much More, Using Little Known Tips, Tricks and Techniques that Took Me Nearly FORTY Years to Learn Which Are Available for You to Benefit From Now, in One Place, All at One Time!

It doesn't matter where on earth you live, as long as you have access to eBay, you can make that kind of money and much more, selling one of the hottest, most profitable, most collectable of all items on eBay.

When people ask what I think is the best thing to sell on eBay, I can only speak from experience, almost forty years of experience, and I can categorically say THE best thing in my book is vintage postcards. But not just any old postcard, there is just ONE postcard type that virtually anyone can sell, without experience, without prior knowledge, without risk. This one postcard type regularly breaks auction prices, rarely goes unsold, can be picked up for pennies and uploaded to eBay in three minutes flat. Find out more here: http://juliawilk.boadiegirl.hop.clickbank.net/

They call this postcard type 'topographical' and they depict known geographical locations, such as towns and cities, small villages and hamlets, in the UK and overseas. They're hugely popular, and view cards such as those you could soon be selling, really can be bought for ten or twenty pence at auction or flea market, at boot sale or even on eBay itself, and resold at ten, twenty, sometimes hundreds of times the price you paid. (Where I've said 'pounds' and 'pennies', feel free to substitute 'dollars' and 'cents', or any other country currency because this business works just as well in the UK as in America, or Japan, Canada, anywhere at all with access to eBay).

Because topographical postcards can be relied on for markups of 100%, 1000%, sometimes more, I decided to write a quick start guide to selling old postcards on eBay.

The end result, 'Bank Big Profits Selling Vintage Topographical View Postcards on eBay', really is the best thing I've written to date and it includes all the knowledge acquired and secrets I've learned about buying and selling old postcards over the best part of forty years.

If you want to cut straight to the chase you'll find the special web site set up to promote my book, just click on the link that follows to access it! http://juliawilk.boadiegirl.hop.clickbank.net/

I've put so much into the book, I've definitely overspilled the beans by giving you all the information you'll ever need to begin making $200 / £100 or so every day on eBay, and I PROMISE you no one else in the eBay universe will tell you about this remarkable profit-spinner.

Here's just a fraction of what's in store should you take a risk-free look at this brand new book:

* Where to find secret vintage postcard treasures - forgotten about and neglected for DECADES - that will fetch you fantastic prices on eBay. I know where to get them because I've been hunting down these postcards from the same secret sources for nearly 40 years. These places are rarely divulged by most people selling postcards, and with such a devoted clientele they don't need to advertise so you're unlikely to find them fast. The key to discovering these places is normally one of trial and error, finding someone willing to spill the beans, waiting for someone to confide in you, more likely it's all down to luck.

* How to buy postcards so inexpensively you're guaranteed to profit massively on every sale. These are the basics you need to know immediately so you can hit the ground running. Within days you'll know what are the best postcards to obtain - which postcards are worthless - where to find the most valuable ones - how much they're likely to fetch you on eBay - and what you should be paying for them. This info alone could make you thousands of dollars, thousands of pounds, and put you well ahead of even the most experienced postcard seller and collector.

* How to spot the very best 'topographical' postcards that repeat buyers will pay your handsomely for - over and over again! All types of postcards sell on eBay but none touches quite the same buttons for millions of buyers all over the world than cards featuring places they know, places they've visited, maybe places they've heard a great deal about but which sadly no longer exist. Among hundreds of postcards featuring children, flowers, animals and hundreds of other popular collecting themes, it's view cards - referred to as 'topographical postcards' - that attract the biggest number of buyers and fetch the highest finishing prices. I'll tell you exactly which vintage topographical view postcards fetch the best money, and precisely where to find them.

* The one type of postcard that's despised by dealers - but which YOU can regularly find for pennies and sell at immense mark ups! Most dealers won't touch this specific type of postcard. They believe it has no resell value. But I know something they don't know - how to turn these ignored postcards into a fantastic source of profits! The last of these much despised cards I found cost me 10p from a shoebox packed with these items and it reached 28 on eBay. I did nothing to the card, I sold it exactly as I had bought it, and I took just two minutes to add 27.90 to its value.

* If you can find any other home business that lets you make so much money in such little time - selling products you can buy for pennies at MASSIVE markups like 1000% - then please, I'd love to hear about it.

If you have around 1 hour a day, a few days a week to spare, then I can help you make a serious second income that will dramatically improve your lifestyle. In fact, I guarantee it!

All you need to do is click on the link below now.

Click here to order.
Or cut and paste this url into your browser: http://juliawilk.boadiegirl.hop.clickbank.net/

3) New What Sells on eBay for What: the 2007 Update

Yes, it's finally out! The new version of What Sells on eBay for What. Over 300 pages.

High and median prices for more categories:

- Antiques
- Art
- Books & Magazines
- Business & Industrial
- Cameras & Photo
- Cars, Parts & Vehicles
- Clothing
- Collectibles
- Computers & Networking
- Consumer Electronics - Music
- Toys & Hobbies

Plus Top Searches and Most Watched Items for Jewelry, Pottery & Glass, Real Estate, Tickets, and every other eBay category.

Bonus info and articles include:

- Where to Find Things to Sell (NEW for 2007: Craigslist);
- Me and You and a Typo Named Boo: Julia's Favorite and Sneakiest Tips
- What Some eBayers Wouldn't Pass Up
- To Snipe or Not to Snipe?
- New Collectibles: What Can You Buy Today that Will Be Worth a Fortune Tomorrow?
- Powersellers and Profits: Does Big Money Mean No Time?
- Flipping the Model: Getting Items Come to You, Instead of the Other Way Around

Go to the below page to order:

Click here to order.
Or cut and paste this url into your browser:


The New York Public Library just named The eBay Price Guide: What Sells for What (in Every Category!) among its "Best of Reference" for 2007.

Reader Mail will return in the next issue.

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That's it for this issue. Until next time! - Julia


Questions about My eBooks Ordering

You can certainly purchase from me directly, as can anyone. All you have to do is email me and let me know which ebook(s) you want, if you are a subscriber and thus eligible for the discount, and then PayPal me to my PayPal id at juliawilk@aol.com. I'll be tweaking and updating the ebooks page on my web site soon.

YOUR FEEDBACK WANTED: What Else Do You Want to See in Yardsalers?

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