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  Big Bucks Flips: Reselling Yard and Estate Sale Finds: Half Price Offer for Yard Salers Subscribers!

A hundred and two dollars for an old plate found lying on its side on the ground near a box, bought for fifty cents? How about $560 for an old amplifier picked up at a thrift shop for $7? What made this amplifier so special?

Or this common item, a certain type of manual you can find lying around in garages, thrift shops, and estate sales all over? This yard saler reader found one of these for $1 from a neighbor, and turned it around on eBay for $62. This same reader also flipped a set of books bought at a local auction house for $15, and then turned around on eBay for $649.97 to a man in Poland.

What does this person know about bidding at live auctions; the key to acquiring auctions there again and again?

Now these and other tales of happy and savvy sales are rounded up into one neat volume for you, complete with the accompanying tips that can have you going out and making better flips, or flips for the first time if you are new to selling online. You also get photos of top-selling eBay results for items similar to the ones discussed; and a special Bonus: Julia’s Favorite and Most Reliable Flips of Items that You are Actually Likely to Come Across.

In this new, 2009, fresh-off-the-digital-press special report, "Big Bucks Flips: Reselling Yard and Estate Sale Finds," you get 56 pages that I guarantee will make you more than your money back - or we will cheerfully refund you the purchase price. In fact, you should make many times your small investment on this ebook.

I created this ebook because the "Flips" section of my newsletter was so popular with readers, and I realized there were a lot of lessons there about buying, selling, and "stuff" that they were worth collecting and blowing up into a whole volume.

Currently this ebook is in special preview to Yard Salers subscribers for only $9.95...grab your copy before the price goes up!

Thanks and start making more money on flips!

Only $9.95, half the $19.95 retail price..this special offer is only for Yard Salers subscribers. -- Go here to Buy It Now!


Want to make money off this book? You can earn half of ALL sales you generate by listing it on your blog, web site, or what have you. Email juliawilk@aol.com for details or go to www.bigbucksflips.com/affiliates.

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